• Docphin’s Dashboard For Doctors Expands Nationwide

    Docphin’s Dashboard For Doctors Expands Nationwide

    Docphin, a medical news and research service which we once described as a “Bloomberg for doctors,” has been growing quickly since its beta launch in November. Since then, the startup was selected to participate in Rock Health’s incubator and announced its forthcoming iPhone app. This month, the company also hit a major milestone: its nationwide expansion to 10 more… Read More

  • Government Poised To Provide A Huge Boost To Healthtech Startups

    Government Poised To Provide A Huge Boost To Healthtech Startups

    Currently, the federal government is poised to level the playing field for healthtech startups. An unprecedented wave of innovative healthtech startups has been developing over the last few years. You can see them at conferences such as Health 2.0, TechCrunch Disrupt, TEDMED and demo day events that Blueprint Health, Healthbox, Rock Health and StartUp Health host. Nonetheless, the health… Read More

  • Japanese Caretaker Robot To Assist In Lifting The Elderly

    Japanese Caretaker Robot To Assist In Lifting The Elderly

    There is much anxiety in Japan related to accommodating their aging population. Their elderly and infirm number in the millions and that figure is growing out of proportion to the rest of the country. Caring for them is naturally on everyone’s minds — including those of roboticists. And research organization RIKEN is updating its medical assistance bot in order to help caretakers… Read More

  • New Smallest Camera In The World Is .01mm Smaller Than The Last One

    Less than a month ago, we posted that microscopic camera from Awaiba and Fraunhofer, which qualified as the smallest video camera in the world at just one cubic millimeter. Well, easy come, easy go! This new one from Medigus is ever so slightly smaller, at .99mm in diameter. It’s slightly lower-resolution (around 212×212) but when you’re putting cameras into blood vessels… Read More

  • Solus Spinal Fusion Device Looks Evil

    It’s rare to see medical implants that are so important yet so wildly frightening. What you see here is a new implant designed for anterior lumbar fusion, a process designed to reduce lower back pain due to disk degeneration. Read More

  • Kinect Lets Surgeons Navigate Medical Data In The OR

    Once again I am pleasantly surprised with the truly useful and helpful applications being thought up for the Kinect. Just last week we saw a hack providing a rudimentary artificial vision system for the blind — clumsy and rough, but the idea that it’s possible from off-the-shelf components and open-source software is mind-blowing. Now we see an incredibly practical medical… Read More

  • Take This Camera With A Grain Of Salt – Literally

    This microscopic camera is the work of the Fraunhofer Institute and image sensor company Awaiba. It’s essentially a tiny 1mm square substrate with a layer of image sensors and then a lens layer on top of that — giving this camera a total size of 1x1x1mm. Yeah, it’s pretty much the smallest camera ever. Read More

  • New Tech Helps Paralyzed Patients Move Their Limbs

    It appears that folks with catastrophic spinal cord injuries might be able to move their limbs again thanks to a new system that “trains” the nerves to move using a “pocket-sized electric stimulator.” The stimulator is connected to the affected limbs and fired in order to jolt the muscles into action. After eight weeks, patients given the stimulation tended to have… Read More

  • Video: DaVinci Surgical Robot Gets Dolled Up For The Cameras

    Here’s a comforting video of the DaVinci surgical robot goofing around. It’s just a bunch of outtakes taken during a commercial staring the robot, but does anyone else think dressing up the robot with latex hands and head is a bit weird? Video after the break. Read More

  • NEC's Dual-Screen Android Device Gets A Medical App

    The dual-screen Android device NEC showed off at CES wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser. Without the latest version of Android, and sporting a rather low five hours of battery life, there wasn’t much to get excited about. But I like the idea of two discrete screens a la the Entourage Edge and the ill-fated Courier. NEC decided it’s an interesting form factor for medical software… Read More

  • Avvo Adds Doctors To Their Professional Ranking Service

    While my own doctor, Shaky McSliceyhands MD, doesn’t appear in their rankings, has added medical rankings to their already popular lawyer ranking service. The rankings, based on user reviews and ratings, are completely ad independent and, while I don’t like trusting the general public to rank the men and women who will either get me out of that murder rap or will take… Read More