iOS App AsthmaMD 3.0 Makes It Easier For Patients And Physicians To Manage Symptoms

When TechCrunch first covered AsthmaMD in 2010, the medical tech startup's goal was to gather data that would help researchers better understand when attacks are more likely. Since then, the startup h

iHear Wants To Make Personalized Hearing Aids Available For Everyone

iHear wants to give people with hearing loss an affordable device that they can easily customize at home with a Web-based hearing test. The startup's goal is to ultimately make its hearing aids availa

Healint Wants To Make Life Better For Stroke Patients

Mobile health tech startup <a target="_blank" href="">Healint</a> wants to make life better--and safer--for patients suffering from neurological conditions like strokes, epileps

Medtech Startup Embrace Her Health Helps Women Track Their Pregnancies

Among the crowd showing at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley was Embrace Her Health, a two-year-old company at work on a suite of maternity apps that aim to enable women to manage their pre- an

Crowdfunding Site Medifund Wants To Help Students Become Doctors

<a target="_blank" href="">Medifund</a> is a crowdfunding Web site that wants to increase the number of doctors in countries with a critical shortage by helping students afford

By Wrapping Sensors In A Plushie, “Teddy The Guardian” Aims To Sell Medical Tech For Kids

In only a few months, the founders of IDerma, a medical technology start-up based out of Zagreb, Croatia, have developed and launched what they’re marketing as medical sensor technology for chil

Amidst Few Exits, “Dabbling” Investors And Dearth Of Seed Capital, A Growing Digital Health Market Turns To Crowdfunding

Over the last few years, digital health has emerged as a market rife with opportunity, and both startups and investors are beginning to take notice. <a href="

Share Practice Aims To Give Doctors Treatment Information And Feedback From Colleagues On The Fly

<p>During their work with patients, doctors will frequently contact colleagues with questions, to trade horror stories, or converse about treatment methods. There isn't really a technological solution

As Google Health Flatlines, Drchrono Picks Up The Slack With Onpatient, A Health Database With A Quantified Self Twist

When Google Health first went live in 2008, the service held a lot of promise for people looking for a reliable and convenient way of centralizing their health records, and then matching them up with

WebMD Announces Layoffs; 14% Of Staff, $45M In Total Spending Cuts Coming Off Of A $900K Quarterly Loss

WebMD, arguably still the go-to source for medical information on the Internet, today announced that it would be implementing strong expenditure control measures after revealing disappointing Q3 resul

Does This Mole Look Weird? This App Will Tell You

An <a target="_blank" href="">app that tells you if your mole looks funny</a>? That's stupid, right? But for folks who are walking around with little mole-shaped time bombs on

Electronic Glove Helps Doctors Diagnose Breast Cancer

A new product dubbed the Glove Tricorder by <a target="_blank" href="">Med Sensation</a> aims to make it easier for doctors - and patients - to diagnose breas

Kickstarter, M.D.: MedStartr Finally Brings Crowdfunding To Health Projects

The Crowd is on the loose. Thanks to the JOBS Act, mainstream attention came to crowdfunding this year, and platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been benefitting in kind. (Exhaustive <a href=

DoctorsElite Wants To Build A Network To Better Link Up Patients, Specialists And Medical Records

As a culture, we are getting ever-more accustomed to using social networks as our primary hubs for all information, and that trend is leading to the rise of yet more services constructed like social n

Simplee Raises $6 Million Series A For Its Mint-Like Approach To Tracking Healthcare Expenses

<a href="">Simplee</a>, a Mint-like platform for tracking healthcare expenses and then paying them online, is today announcing the close of its $6 million Series A round of funding

Docphin’s Dashboard For Doctors Expands Nationwide

<a href="">Docphin</a>, a medical news and research service which <a href="">we once described as

Government Poised To Provide A Huge Boost To Healthtech Startups

Currently, the federal government is poised to level the playing field for healthtech startups. An unprecedented wave of innovative healthtech startups has been developing over the last few years. Yo

Japanese Caretaker Robot To Assist In Lifting The Elderly

There is much anxiety in Japan related to accommodating their aging population. Their elderly and infirm number in the millions and that figure is growing out of proportion to the rest of the country.

New Smallest Camera In The World Is .01mm Smaller Than The Last One

Less than a month ago, we posted that microscopic camera from Awaiba and Fraunhofer, which qualified as the smallest video camera in the world at just one cubic millimeter. Well, easy come, easy go! T

Solus Spinal Fusion Device Looks Evil

<img src="" />It's rare to see medical implants that are so important yet so wildly frightening. What you see here is a new implant des
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