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Medical bill advocacy startup Better pledges all of its revenue towards relieving medical debt

Put aside whatever shred of healthcare decency the Senate happens to be ripping out at the moment and take a look at Better, a startup helping people deal with out-of-network medical bills. The startu

Aver Informatics Raises $8.5 Million To Tackle Healthcare Payments

If you’ve ever been to a doctor in the U.S., you know the befuddling bundle of bills that awaits at the end of the road for your treatment. The ugly truth is that those bills aren’t just c

With $3B Under Management, Simplee Grabs $10M To Carry Medical Bill Payments Into The Smartphone Era

In 2009, Tomer Shoval went on vacation with his family to Mexico, which unfortunately ended on a sour note — and one with which many travelers can empathize — they all got sick. Back in th