• Media Temple Expands Its WordPress Hosting Service

    Media Temple Expands Its WordPress Hosting Service

    Media Temple, the popular GoDaddy-owned web hosting service, today announced an expansion of its dedicated WordPress hosting service. Media Temple first launched dedicated WordPress hosting almost exactly a year ago. At the time, it only offered a single $29/month plan. Starting today, the company is launching a set of new plans starting at $20/month that target individuals, as well as… Read More

  • Fever, A Self-Hosted Feed Reader, Heats Up Your RSS Subscriptions

    Fever is a hot new RSS reader that aims to cure “second inbox syndrome, unread item guilt, and unbold elbow.” In other words, the common plights of the modern RSS power user. Besides offering a full-featured feed reader, the application attempts to create a personalized Techmeme by scanning a user’s feed list for popular (or hot) links. Fever then groups these links into… Read More

  • MediaTemple Reboots Impressive Virb Social Network, Launches A Venture Fund

    Virb, a social network that melds some of the customization options seen on MySpace with a mature and media-heavy atmosphere, has just launched a completely overhauled version of its service. The new site sports a very attractive new interface, reworked backend, and new social features that make it an impressive upgrade to the original, which launched in 2007. In conjunction with… Read More

  • Media Temple Crushes Shared Hosting

    Media Temple launched a major new hosting service this morning called Grid Server. It matches low end shared hosting services in pricing ($20/month) but promises to grow along with the site, manage huge short term traffic spikes without a disruption in service or performance and avoid the “bad neighbor” problem common with shared hosting services. The basic $20 package includes 100… Read More