• Canadians Unite To Fight Off The "Feared TechCrunch"

    I really miss former TechCrunch writer Duncan Riley. But at least he gave us a gift just before he left that just keeps on giving – his May 5 post calling BS on a Canadian startup called MediaScrape and its founder, Tyler Cavell. Cavell took issue with our post, demanded an opportunity to respond (although he’d already done that in a comment to our original post), and threatened… Read More

  • MediaScrape Wants A Word With Our Readers

    We wrote about Montreal, Canada based MediaScrape last month when they announced a $3.2 million round of financing. In the post, Duncan noted some inconsistencies in their funding announcements and questioned their claim to be a “leading online broadcast news network.” Some of the comments to the post were also a bit harsh on the company and founder. Founder Tyler Cavell… Read More

  • MediaScrape Takes $3.2 Million

    Montreal based MediaScrape, a Google News meets video translation service has taken $3.2 million in a new round from we don’t know who, for total funding or over how many rounds we have no idea either. MediaScrape’s new service is updated every 30 minutes and gives users full control on the way they receive their news, from on demand through to regional loops. The company… Read More