• New Scandal At MediaMax Gives Us Excuse To Embed A Video Clip From The Office

    MediaMax, a perpetually controversial San Diego based startup, says we need a social network around paper products file sharing. More on that in a minute (as well as a relevant video clip from The Office), but first a note on a new scandal brewing. In the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of complaints about MediaMax, the troubled file storage site that lost vast amounts of its… Read More

  • Nirvanix To Challenge Amazon S3

    Look for new San Diego-based Nirvanix to launch in the next few weeks. It aims to compete with Amazon’s popular S3 storage web service and provide web developers another choice for online storage. The company, which is affiliated with online storage startup MediaMax (aka Streamload), should also be announcing a $12 million round of financing in the near future. It’s not clear… Read More

  • The Help Key: Back The Frak Up

    <img src=", the situation was particularly dire.) Since then I’ve been very “don’t let this happen to you” when I talk to people about backing up their files. The number of digital media files alone on my computer skyrocketed over the past few years and to lose that stuff would be devastating. You… Read More