Revision 3 says RIAA/MPAA anti-piracy company responsible for recent outage

Flickr’d You guys watch Revision 3, right? Diggnation, Tekzilla (my personal favorite), Totally Rad, etc. The company was DoS’d last week, and you’ll never guess who was responsible.

The Futility of Fighting Media "Pirates"—How MediaDefender Got Hacked

As if we needed yet more evidence that trying to fight piracy is a futile exercise, just look at the case of a company called MediaDefender. The company acts on behalf of media companies to monitor an

MediaDefender: "It's Not What You Think"

Randy Saaf, CEO of MediaDefender, a company I excoriated yesterday, dropped us a line explaining that MiiVi was not a trap and instead an internal MediaDefender project, hence the failure to hide thei

MPAA Caught Red-Handed in Sting: Durn Them Duke Boys!

I know this spread like wildfire last night, but it’s pretty funny. The MPAA hired a company, MediaDefender, to stop piracy. How did they do it? Through a fake video download site called MiiVi,