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Media Temple launches new enterprise WordPress solution hosted on AWS

Media Temple is launching a new enterprise-grade WordPress hosting solution today. That would be interesting by itself, but the twist here is that the company, which is owned by GoDaddy, is hosting t

Media Temple Launches Managed Cloud Hosting Solution For AWS

Media Temple, the GoDaddy-owned hosting provider, today announced the launch of its managed cloud hosting solution for AWS. The company will handle the roles of AWS cloud architects and sysadmins for

Media Temple Expands Its WordPress Hosting Features With Backup Service And Git Integration

WordPress now powers more than 20% of websites, and given this huge market, it’s no surprise that the number of specialized hosting services for WordPress sites also continues to grow. Media Te

Media Temple Launches Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Love it or hate it, but there's no denying that WordPress continues to be the de facto solution for building content-driven websites. Besides, a number of dedicated WordPress hosting sol

GoDaddy Buys Media Temple To Build Up Its Business With Web Professionals

Domain registration and hosting company GoDaddy is continuing on its acquisitions roll, with the announcement today that it acquired Media Temple, a premium domain hosting and website services company

How Media Temple and Dreamhost Differ In Approach To Offering Cloud Services

This week comes the news about <a target="_blank" href="">Media Temple</a> and its plans with Dell and <a target="_blank" href="">Morphlabs</a> to giv

Webtrends Buys Media Temple-Backed Realtime Analytics Firm Reinvigorate

Mobile and Web analytics firm <a href="">Webtrends</a> this morning <a href=" Offers Powerful Real-Time Analytics, HeatMaps, And A Touch Of Creepy

<img src="" alt="" />If you're running a website — be it a world-famous news portal or a personal blog — there's a good chance

Media Temple Raises $15 Million, Hungry For New Acquisitions

<img src="" />Virtualization provider <a href="">Media Temple</a> has raised $15 million from a group of invest

Rackspace Offers Cloud Computing with Mosso

Last week’s incident with Amazon Web Services briefly going down may have raised questions about the reliability of cloud computing, but demand is high enough for competitors to keep trying to g

Media Temple Now Allows Web Control From iPhone

Just a heads up to anyone who uses Media Temple or is thinking about choosing them as a web host. You can now use your iPhone to login to the all new iPhone Web Control panel on (mt). With your finger