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Plex Cloud will shut down November 30 due to technical challenges

Plex today announced it’s shutting down its troubled Plex Cloud service, via a forum post that hasn’t found its way over to the company’s official blog — likely a choice the co

The relevance of media-streaming startups

Times have changed, but public demand for innovative new access to entertainment hasn’t. Internet access and social networks have given consumers more options. Consumers, in turn, have started to pl

Netflix’s overseas problem: still too expensive and still not enough content

Netflix has an overseas problem. The company's share price plunged 15 percent week after it reported poorer than expected user growth numbers.

Microsoft Updates Azure Media Services With Live Encoding, New Media Player And More

Microsoft is launching a number of new features for its Azure Media Services audio and video streaming platform today. The highlight of this update is support for live encoding, which is now in pre

Chromecast Gets An iOS Setup App, Reminding Us Google Doesn’t Care What Platform You Use It With

Google is doing a good job of trying to make Chromecast have a degree of cross-platform appeal that AirPlay can't offer; today, it's launching an iOS app for managing the Chromecast device's settings,

D-Link networked DivX media player now available

DLink’s DSM-330 is now available for $299. It connects to your home networks via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can play back high definition DivX content on your TV using DivX Connected functionality, which

Popcorn Hour A-100 media streamer supports formats Apple TV won't touch

[photopress:popcorna100.jpg,full,center] Well, someone was impressed by Popcorn Hour, an inexpensive ($180) networked media streamer that handles pretty much every kid tested, pirate approved codec/co