Media Servers

  • Helios Labs brings forth new eMule and BitTorrent-enabled media servers

    [photopress:nz2.jpg,full,center] Back in the ’90s, we all thought convergence was going to be watching TV on your computer, or browsing the Internet on your TV. Now that we have it, it’s different, but better than both of those things combined. Xbox 360, Apple TV, and now the Helios Odyssey media servers. The bring-your-own-HDD devices hook into your HTN (Home Theater Network… Read More

  • Archos TV+ is a lot like Apple TV (but Archos usually lets people tinker with its hardware)

    [photopress:archostvplus.jpg,full,center] It looks like the Archos TV+ came out in Europe before here, what with every British tech site having already given their first impression. The little device is a media server and comes with either an 80GB or 250GB hard drive. Wi-Fi takes care of the wireless streaming of music, movies, photos and the sort. If it sounds similar to the Apple TV… Read More

  • Alienware lands a media mothership

    [photopress:hd_media_server_features.jpg,full,left] Sure, this thing isn’t for everybody, but some of you are going to be drooling on your lobster bibs. Alienware is expanding into your home even more with this media monster, sort of a cross between an irradiated TiVo and an Apple TV on crack. It sure looks like this High Definition Media Server is meant to go in your home server… Read More

  • Inteset Adds Combo Blu-ray+HD DVD Drive To Its Media Servers

    “Shoot, I should’ve gone with Blu-ray.” “Wow, HD DVD is much better than I thought…” Torn between which high-def format to support? Like LG before it (and Samsung sometime in the future), Inteset has devised a way to watch both! formats on the same device. Both its Maximus and Denzel media servers will play Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, thanks to a little… Read More