Intel Confirms Medfield x86 Chips Don’t Support LTE Yet — But Says It Won’t Be Long Coming

Intel’s second bite at the smartphone market has been more akin to a gentle nibbling around the edges. At the end of last year the chipmaker teased a smartphone reference design running its new Medf

Motorola And Intel May (Officially) Reveal Medfield-Powered Smartphone On 9/18

Motorola and Intel have been in cahoots since this past January, but so far their relationship hasn’t yielded any new gadgets to lust after. That should all change very shortly though, as the two co

LG To Debut Second Intel-Powered Smartphone At CES 2012

<em>"If at first you don't succeed, try try again."</em> It looks like LG and Intel have taken that old adage to heart, if a new report is to be believed. The <a href="

Intel to release 32nm Atom chip (‘Medfield’) in 2010