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Mechanical Turk workers are using AI to automate being human

File this one under inevitable but hilarious. Mechanical Turk is a service that from its earliest days seemed to invite shenanigans, and indeed researchers show that nearly half of its “turkers&

Playment gives companies on-demand workers to analyze data using mobile devices

Pretty much every company, to some extent, has to power their algorithms with data and machine learning if they’re going to be competitive with anyone else in their space. The challenge there, t

With a $1.5M seed round, Eloquent Labs mixes AI and Mechanical Turk to fix customer service

Keenon Werling would be the first to agree that conversational AI is regularly overhyped. So instead of taking the traditional approach and gloating about a glitzy new deeper learning algorithm to pit

Understanding the economy of the crowd

When you think about crowdsourced work, you probably think about Mechanical Turk and, maybe, Uber. On the one hand, an anonymous platform where people feel like mechanical parts. On the other hand, a

Buyhandpicked Applies Mechanical Turk Model To Personal Shopping is a startup taking a Mechanical Turk approach to cracking personal shopping online by building a platform where online shoppers can submit detailed shopping requests, and -- at the

Rainforest Launches On Demand Service That Uses API To Spin Up QA Testers For Web Sites And Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Rainforest</a>, a Y Combinator company, has developed an on-demand service that runs functional tests against a crowd of people through Mechani

How Not To Be Influential? Quora Spam On Mechanical Turk

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Clickworker signs up for its Mechanical Turk competitor

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