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Magnets are switching up the keyboard game

The next big thing in mechanical keyboards is magnetic switches. Mechanical keyboards quickly went from a niche product to mainstream during the pandemic, as everybody was looking to upgrade their hom

Angry Miao only goes slightly over the top with the Relic 80 TKL keyboard

To write about an Angry Miao keyboard always means to write about the design as much as the actual typing experience. Just look at the AM AFA or AM Hatsu. For the longest time, I’ve wondered wha

Spice up your desktop with these unusual keyboards from Keychron, HHKB, Cloud Nine and others

Mechanical keyboards are everywhere these days, and there’s a larger variety now than ever before. If you’re looking to pick one up but want to look beyond the most common layouts and type

Angry Miao’s AM AFA R2 is part sculpture, part keyboard

Whether you love their keyboards or not, there can be no doubt that Angry Miao doesn’t do things halfway. The AM 65 Less is an exercise in building a high-quality 65% keyboard that replaced the

8BitDo’s NES-themed mechanical keyboard comes with truly large A and B ‘super buttons’

It can be difficult to differentiate oneself in the crowded mechanical keyboard market. The variety of providers and customization options means there’s something for everybody. But retro gaming

Gift Guide: A few ideas for the mechanical keyboard fans

The world of mechanical keyboards is a very deep rabbit hole and it’s no secret that more and more people have fallen into it in recent years. So if you have somebody in your life who keeps talk

Mode Designs’ Sonnet 65 feels almost too luxurious to type on

I have yet to type on a keyboard that feels as good as Mode Designs’ Sonnet. There have definitely been a few days in the last few weeks since the company sent me a prototype unit to test where

Drop launches the Sense75, its first new in-house keyboard since 2020

As the mechanical keyboard hobby exploded during the early days of the pandemic, a lot of companies raced to launch new products. Drop, however, which maybe did more than anybody to popularize custom

8 uncommon keyboards to spice up your typing

With the shift to working from home becoming permanent for many, it’s important to upgrade more than just your desk chair. A good keyboard is not only more pleasant to work on but can help you a

This mechanical keyboard is something else

The market for mechanical keyboards has boomed in recent years and the pandemic only added fuel to it as people looked to improve their home setups (and spend their stimulus checks). Today, you can fi

Cherry goes downmarket with its new Viola mechanical keyboard switches

Cherry has long been the de facto standard for mechanical keyboard switches. Since mechanical keyboards are, almost by default, significantly more expensive than membrane or dome-switch keyboards, tha