• I, For One, Welcome Our Sphere-Shaped Quadrupedal Robot Overlords

    I, For One, Welcome Our Sphere-Shaped Quadrupedal Robot Overlords

    If you’ve ever wondered what you’ll eventually find inside your body cavity when the robots take over, meet QRoSS by Takeshi Aoki, Satoshi Ito, and Yosuke Sei from the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. This robot consists of a rounded roll cage and four legs hidden inside its body. You can throw the ball into a room where it can roll around and then, when it needs to move… Read More

  • Real Life Japanese Mech Robot Fires BBs With A Smile

    Real Life Japanese Mech Robot Fires BBs With A Smile

    The Kuratas Mecha robot is an art/aspirational nerd project by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. This full-sized Mech robot features a ride-in cockpit, “rocket” launchers, and a “smile controlled” BB Gatling gun. That’s right: when you smile, this thing unleashes thousands of tiny plastic BBs. Unveiled at Wonder Fest 2012 in Tokyo, you can control the robot with either a… Read More

  • Swiss Army Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mechanical Watch Review

    Swiss Army Victorinox watches are very important to the watch industry in my opinion. For many people not familiar with the greater breadth of offerings from the watch industry, these Swiss timepieces are a creamy options when wanting a piece that combines good design, sporty styling, and solid value. As a kid I grew up knowing about Swiss Army watches, and not so secretly wanted one. I recall… Read More

  • Power Loader: Panasonic venture accepts orders for mecha robot suits (video)

    Walking vehicles, also known as mecha, don’t play a big role in today’s robotics industry, but that might soon change. (You might remember one of the protagonists in Avatar sitting in a mecha, called AMP in the movie, during the final fight.) Now Tokyo-based robot venture Activelink, a Panasonic spin-off company, says it can make one for you, too. The startup has begun accepting… Read More

  • Lego hardsuit is Lego I'd totally not swallow

    Chewk, and apparently hundreds of other Flickr users, have been creating Lego mecha for for the edification of the world for a while now and BBG found this cute example complete with mad-eyed Marine. Read More

  • Two-ton VOTOMS Scopedog Mecha hangs out at Japanese conventions

    Really, is there any better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Japanese Iron and Steel Federation than busting out a 4,000 pound model of a VOTOMS mech made entirely of iron? I sure as hell don’t think so. Well, okay – a bit of steel somewhere in the mix might have made it even more fitting. But, come on – it’s two friggin tons of iron shaped like a robot… Read More