• Can't Decide Which Smartphone To Get? Measy Can Help.

    With new smartphones hitting the shelves what seems like each and every week, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out which one’s right for you. Sure, you, dear Tech blog reader, probably know exactly what you want 6 months before it even comes out – but for the vast majority of the population, it’s a big confusing world jam-packed with crazy acronyms and… Read More

  • Gadget-Picking Site Measy Goes Live

    As the holiday shopping season approaches many of us will be facing some very tough decisions: do we get the Asus netbook computer or the HP Mini, a Canon digital camera or a Nikon. A whole sub-industry has arisen to help consumers make those decisions with sites ranging from CNET to gdgt. Today, Measy enters the fray by trying to help you make that decision by asking you a series of… Read More

  • Measy Helps You Pick Gadgets With A Quiz (Private Beta Invites)

    Picking out the right gadget to buy is so difficult that an entire publishing industry (Cnet, Engagdet, CrunchGear, GDGT) has grown around helping people sort through the process. A new site in private beta called Measy is taking a different approach. You take a quiz answering questions about what you are looking for in a digital camera, flat-screen TV, or netbook, and it comes up with… Read More