• The McIntosh MXA60 celebrates 60 years of audio awesomeness

    If I was suddenly to get John Biggs’ salary, I would dump a ton of money into McIntosh equipment. They are the best of the best in the audio world and the new compact MXA60 would fit perfectly in my bedroom. And bathroom. Yes, I would put a $7,500 audio system in my bathroom if I could and you would too. Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: 60th anniversary McIntosh upcoming bookshelf mini-system

    I love McIntosh gear. The processors big, the amps are bad and when combined, Twisted Sister feels so right. But for some trust fund kids, the huge equipment just doesn’t fit in their West Village studio and so McIntosh is developing a rock’n bookshelf system. Dubbed the Mini-Mac by McIntosh staffers, the 60th Anniversary System is powered by two, separate tube amps, each… Read More