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Student media giant Chegg acquires language learning startup Busuu for $436M

Chegg, the NYSE listed student media learning platform is acquiring Busuu, the online language learning startup established in Europe in 2008, for approximately $436 million (€385 million) in an all

McGraw-Hill Acquires 20% Stake In Area9, The Adaptive Learning Company Behind Its New Smart eBooks

As a 95-year-old publishing company primarily known for its textbooks, <a target="_blank" href="">McGraw-Hill</a> is not usually the type of exhibitor one finds at the Consu

McGraw-Hill & Kno Offer A Peek Into The Future Of Textbooks: They’re Dynamic, Vocal, Adaptive & Bring Stats To Studying

For many startups, creating the educational platform (and learning experience) of the future began with reinventing the presentation, distribution -- really, the essence -- of educational content. And

Can Publishers Find New Mobile Life With QR Codes? Thinks So.

Over the last few years, publishing companies have been forced to accomodate eReaders, tablets, social media, and a bevy of new multimedia channels. Perhaps more than others, they've been slow to evol Raises $1.6 Million From McGraw-Hill Education

<strong>Exclusive -</strong> <a href=""></a>, a website that provides information for finding, getting in and paying for college, has raised its first round of institution

McGraw Hill Gets In On the Mobile Education Market

<img src="" alt="" title="kid_with_cell_phone" />A couple of timely education items hit my inbox this morning. First, a repo