• How To Be A VC Without Any Capital Crunch Network

    How To Be A VC Without Any Capital

    One of the most frequent questions I get as a VC is how to become a VC. Newly minted MBAs and startup veterans alike want to get into the investing game in increasingly large numbers. Unfortunately, there are so few VC jobs available in any given year it makes the prospect unlikely for most. If you want to be a VC, my advice is to just get started; you can do the job of a VC without a dollar… Read More

  • The MBAs Are Fleeing, Should SF Be Worried?

    The MBAs Are Fleeing, Should SF Be Worried?

    Bubble, bubble, bubble. Are we in one, are we already done with one, are we getting closer to one? These questions have the dual benefit of being completely impossible to answer while having a high enough salience to tech readers to ensure that the almighty advertising machine gets stoked for another cycle. Let’s throw some more coal into the fire. We already had our massive discussion… Read More

  • Is an MBA a Plus or a Minus in the Startup World?

    A long time ago, I had to make a really tough choice: invest in an MBA from New York University, or make do with my bachelors. I was newly married, had a child on the way, and didn’t have much in savings. The degree would set me back tens of thousands of dollars and take years to complete—especially if I did it part time. And I couldn’t imagine doing anything but… Read More

  • It's All About Selling for Survival

    The one skill which entrepreneurs need is something they don’t teach in business school—selling.  Yes, I know that “selling” conjures up negative images of used-car salesmen peddling clunkers. But the ability to persuade people to believe in you is a necessity. That’s because sales is not just about selling things for money. Selling is about life. Convincing… Read More

  • The MacBook and MacBook Pro splayed-out revealing intimate details

    It’s just tradition that when a new, hot gadget launches, someone has to tear the sucker apart thus producing what is affectionately called circuit board pr0n. Besides the pretty pictures though, sometimes hidden details are uncovered as is the case with these new Apple notebooks.  Read More