Mavic Pro

Is this DJI’s next Mavic drone?

Here’s what we know for sure: DJI’s got a big event coming up. It was originally scheduled for July 18, but was ultimately pushed back so the company “can deliver according to [its] standard of

DJI’s latest drone leaks ahead of launch

DJI is supposed to announce a new drone tomorrow but this appears to be it. Called the Mavic Air, the small drone looks to be a combo of foldable Mavic Pro and the affordable Spark. I’m interest

DJI’s new FPV goggles let you control your drone with head movements

When DJI announced the Mavic Pro last year they also teased a pair of FPV goggles that could be used to see first-person video from DJI's drones. But we didn't get many more details than that... until

DJI says it’s learned its lessons from the Mavic Pro delay

Timing is everything. And for DJI, the timing for the Mavic Pro, the stars seemed to align perfectly. A couple of weeks after GoPro’s big unveil, the company had a folding drone of its own that was

Customers are still waiting for their folding DJI drone

As GoPro took to the stage in Squaw Valley to show off its long-awaited Karma Drone, DJI’s PR rep smirkingly tweeted, “I’m watching a competitor unveil a new product. I ain’t worried about a

DJI’s folding drone is smaller and better at tracking than GoPro’s offering

“I’m sitting in New York City,” Adam Lisberg tweeted last week, as GoPro CEO Nick Woodman, dropped to his knees, unzipped a backpack and unveiled the company’s long-awaited Karma drone at