matt mullenweg

  • BuddyPress Launches: May A Thousand Social Networks Bloom (Someday)

    BuddyPress, the side project of blogging powerhouse WordPress, has just hit version 1.0 and has officially launched. It’s basically a social layer that you can lay on top of your WordPress (MU — more on that below) blog to give it some of the social network features that you’re already familiar with from larger social networking sites. Here’s what version 1.0… Read More

  • Interview With Automattic's Matt Mullenweg: "Blogging Is Not Slowing Down"

    We’re still at The Next Web Conference 2009 here in Amsterdam, and I just ran into Matt Mullenweg from Automattic / WordPress and immediately cornered him, put him against a brick wall outside and got him to answer some questions about the company and WordPress. The takeaways: – BuddyPress, which is supposed to transform an installation of WordPress MU into some sort of a… Read More