Matt Mickiewicz

London’s Tech Hiring Boom Attracts Hired, JobBox And Other Startups To The Fray

What is it with tech jobs in London (and, lately, the rest of the UK)? Well, ask a silly question, right? Because the city and the country is going through a tech boom right now and when that happens

As The Series A Crunch Tightens, Teams of Coders Are Looking To Find New Jobs On DeveloperAuction

DeveloperAuction, an online marketplace that lets startups submit salary bids to talented engineers, has expanded to allow teams of coders and designers to put themselves up for auction as a group.

Developer Auction Begins Offering Free Intern Placement, Tests Expanding To Designers As It Pushes To Change Recruiting

Developer Auction, the startup that flips recruiting on its head by allowing engineers to put themselves up for bidding from companies in need of talent, is expanding its service to intern placement a