Zap Zap Fractions Makes Learning Math Fun

Zap Zap Fractions is an iPad and iPhone math app for children that manages to be both instructional and beautiful. When I saw the game demoed by its creators, Malaysia-based Visual Math Studio, at the

KnowRe Raises $1.4M From SoftBank For An Adaptive Learning Platform That Helps Improve Your Math Skills

As the educational landscape changes, it is giving birth to a whole new generation of learning software and learning software companies. In part, this change is being driven by the introduction of "ad

Desmos Grabs Funding From Google Ventures To Make Math Fun

When Desmos launched at <a href="">TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last year</a>, the startup was on a mission to cre

Students Make The World's Largest Sierpinski Triangle (As Far As They Know)

<img src="" /> Remember <a HREF="

Mathletes appreciate the Pi shower curtain

<img src="">You’ve been adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing all day long. The sweat gathers in the arm pit region of your short-

Cracking a safe the DIY robot way

<img src="" />Hypothetically, say you found a safe in your garage. Maybe left there by the previous owner, maybe part of your wife's

Netflix recommendation system improvements

<img src="" />There hasn't been too much buzz lately about that Netflix programming contest. You remember the one: Netflix ponied

How much is that RAM in the window?

<img src="" />ExtremeTech, using an advanced scientific method called "math", has reduced the price of RAM down to the cost-per-megabyte l

Nerdcore: Street-Fighting Mathematics at MIT

Are you ready to ruuuuummmmmble? MIT is offering a course in “Street-Fighting Mathematics” and the course materials are all online, ready for you to rock out in some TapouT and throw down

Dell saves 60% on shipping by using complex predictive models

If ever anyone tells you that math is all theory and no application, slap them in the face. Then tell them that in just the latest example of applied mathematics having real-world effects, Dell has em

Video: How to turn a sphere inside out Maybe you woke up today and said to yourself, “You know, I’d love to watch an online video and be made to fee