• Zap Zap Fractions Makes Learning Math Fun

    Zap Zap Fractions Makes Learning Math Fun

    Zap Zap Fractions is an iPad and iPhone math app for children that manages to be both instructional and beautiful. When I saw the game demoed by its creators, Malaysia-based Visual Math Studio, at the recent Echelon event, I was impressed by its illustrations of aliens and spaceships, as well as its entertainment value. The concept behind the game, which teaches kids the basics of fractions… Read More

  • KnowRe Raises $1.4M From SoftBank For An Adaptive Learning Platform That Helps Improve Your Math Skills

    KnowRe Raises $1.4M From SoftBank For An Adaptive Learning Platform That Helps Improve Your Math Skills

    As the educational landscape changes, it is giving birth to a whole new generation of learning software and learning software companies. In part, this change is being driven by the introduction of “adaptive” technologies, which, writ large, seek to personalize the learning process for each student. By personalizing the education experience, these new platforms hope to improve… Read More

  • Desmos Grabs Funding From Google Ventures To Make Math Fun

    Desmos Grabs Funding From Google Ventures To Make Math Fun

    When Desmos launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last year, the startup was on a mission to create platform-agnostic software that would allow users to build and share their own educational content. In essence, they set out to create a browser-based, interactive whiteboard. The early product attracted the attention of Mitch Kapor, Learn Capital, and Kindler Capital, who invested $800K in… Read More

  • Students Make The World's Largest Sierpinski Triangle (As Far As They Know)

    Remember Grant? The guy who gave out pumpkins on Black Friday? Well he’s back with a whole new game. He and his senior class made an eight-foot Sierpinski Triangle, a “a fractal and attractive fixed set named after the Polish mathematician Wacław Sierpiński” out of $75 worth of pennies. His goal? Fame, glory, and the undying affection of millions of girls. He also notes… Read More

  • Mathletes appreciate the Pi shower curtain

    You’ve been adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing all day long. The sweat gathers in the arm pit region of your short-sleeve button-down work shirt. Your pocket protector feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. Only 15 minutes to go and you can hop in your Subaru, drive home, and take a nice, long shower. If only there was a shower curtain to reflect your status as one of… Read More

  • Cracking a safe the DIY robot way

    Hypothetically, say you found a safe in your garage. Maybe left there by the previous owner, maybe part of your wife’s family’s old junk — nobody seems to know. You hear an intriguing rattle inside; what could it be? Gold? Silver? An old stick of gum? Only one way to find out: design a robot to attempt every combination possible on the lock and have it run night and… Read More

  • Netflix recommendation system improvements

    There hasn’t been too much buzz lately about that Netflix programming contest. You remember the one: Netflix ponied up $10M US dollars to any team that could improve their movie recommendation system by 10%. When I was a Netflix user I was never really dissatisfied by the recommendation system, so it’s hard for me to imagine how they’d gauge that it was 10% better than it… Read More

  • How much is that RAM in the window?

    ExtremeTech, using an advanced scientific method called “math”, has reduced the price of RAM down to the cost-per-megabyte level, revealing some interesting information. According to their crack squad of investigators, “DDR3-1600 kits triple channel kits offer a lower cost-per-gigabyte than dual-channel kits.” But wait before you rush off to stuff triple channel kits… Read More

  • Nerdcore: Street-Fighting Mathematics at MIT

    Are you ready to ruuuuummmmmble? MIT is offering a course in “Street-Fighting Mathematics” and the course materials are all online, ready for you to rock out in some TapouT and throw down some dimensional analysis in this bitch. This course teaches the art of guessing results and solving problems without doing a proof or an exact calculation. Techniques include extreme-cases… Read More

  • Dell saves 60% on shipping by using complex predictive models

    If ever anyone tells you that math is all theory and no application, slap them in the face. Then tell them that in just the latest example of applied mathematics having real-world effects, Dell has employed a complex mathematical model to predict shipping rates, inventory problems, and so on, with phenomenal success. Professor of Operations Management Jérémie Gallien says: “Before… Read More

  • Video: How to turn a sphere inside out Maybe you woke up today and said to yourself, “You know, I’d love to watch an online video and be made to feel like a complete dunce.” If that’s the case, then block out 20 minutes from your schedule and watch this video on how to turn a sphere inside out. I’m glad to have majored… Read More