• Ukrainian calendar allows you to burn away your sad, sad life

    The Ukraine – party central, from what I hear from my friend Alex – is also privy to some of the worst melancholy the Slavic spirit has to offer. Witness this calendar with a matchstick per day. When you wake up – or go to bed with a comely young dzevotchka – simply rip out a match, light that first or last papierosa of the day, and stare glumly at the ceiling… Read More

  • Matchlight mood lighting: The darker the room, the more trendy it is

    Matchlight, another concept that’ll never see the light of day. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t, of course, but its lack of built-in Bluetooth or space for Google Ads means it’ll live on only as a render. The design incorporates 16 individual matches, each contributing a thin slice of light to an area’s mood. The less matches there are, the less light there is… Read More