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Pobody's Nerfect: Call Of Duty Developer Says It's Impossible To Ship Bug-Free Games

<img src="" />What do fans of <a HREF="">Call of Duty: Black Ops</a> and <a HREF="h

Does The Internet Need An International Treaty To Save It?

<img src="" />Years ago, the nations of the world signed a space treaty. No, this isn't a recap of the latest <a HREF="http://ww

Apparently shady cable companies are still trying to con people in 2183, too.

[youtube] From Mass Effect 2, “Customer Service. Sweeping up the store. Carefully explaining things to the technologicall

Because of leaks, we need to immediately implement DRM on console games

<img src="" />It's time we start implementing DRM on console games. I mean, look at this nonsense. The Xbox 360 version of <i>BioSho

Interview: Casey Hudson, Team Lead for Mass Effect 2 Watch live streaming video from crunchgear at Here

Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360 has leaked. So, you know.

<img src="" />Oh, the ironing. Big Daddy Cool, John Biggs, just interviewed Casey Hudson, from BioWare, about <i>Mass Effect 2</i>. It w

Live! Our interview with Casey Hudson, Lead Programmer for Bioware's Mass Effect 2 Watch live streaming video from crunchgear at Watch live as we interview Casey Hudson, Lead Programmer

BioWare tries to balance the BioWare way with the attraction of new fans with Mass Effect 2

<img src="" />Ladies and gentlemen, I have a conundrum. As many of you know, <i>Mass Effect 2</i> comes out on January 26. It's the first bi

Bioware really went all-out for the Mass Effect 2 voice actors

<img src="" />Having famous people in games is nothing new, and really, one expects that such a huge effort as Mass Effect 2 will have som

Video: Footage of Mass Effect 2 gameplay

<img src="" alt="" />Looks like Devin and I missed BioWare at GDC, but that’s what the Internet is for, right? Following the jump a

BioWare announces Mass Effect 2

<img src="" alt="" />Here comes another Xbox 360 exclusive (and the PC) that might irritate PS3 owners. Bi