• Alcatel-Lucent Creates Methodology For APIs And Makes Available Under Creative Commons

    Alcatel-Lucent Creates Methodology For APIs And Makes Available Under Creative Commons

    Alcatel-Lucent is releasing a methodology for APIs that it is making available through Creative Commons. It is part of a new consulting practice the telecommunications company has established to help its service partners and enterprise customers develop, deploy and maintain APIs. Alcatel-Lucent has made APIs a focal aspect of its business by offering them to carriers and other service providers. Read More

  • 100,000 Developers Strong, Mashery Nabs $11 Million To Push The Internet Beyond Websites

    “People used to sit at a desk to ‘Internet’. Then they would get up and stop Internetting. Now they Internet wherever, whenever — even when they don’t think they are doing it.” That’s Mashery CEO Oren Michels‘ explanation for why his company is growing so quickly. The API management company has just hit 100,000 developers using their service… Read More

  • Mashery Plugs Its APIs Into $5.5 Million In New Funding From Cisco, Others

    These days, APIs are a must for just about every web service. It’s no longer enough to simply be a web site, everyone wants to be a platform, and APIs are the hooks that enable that by way of data. Since 2006, Mashery has existed as a company to both enable APIs for companies and manage them. And today that vision is being rewarded again with a $5.5 million Series C round of… Read More

  • 3Scale's API Outsourcing Service Now Out Of Beta

    Barcelona-based 3Scale Networks is launching its API management service today at the Plugg conference (which is run by TechCrunch editor Robin Wauters). With every Web startup releasing their own APIs as a matter of course these days, 3Scale offers a startups who don’t want to deal with all the hassles of managing their own APIs their own enterprise Web service that does it for… Read More

  • Mashery API Management Service is Open For Business

    API management service Mashery has come out of stealth mode tonight and is now offering documentation support, community management and access control for companies wishing to offer public or private APIs. This is an exciting launch. An API, or Application Program Interface, is the interface that allows developers to leverage some one else’s data or functionality to create mashups. Read More