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20 takeaways from Meeker’s 294-slide Internet Trends report

This is a must-read for understanding the tech industry. We’ve distilled famous investor Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report down from its massive 294 slides of stats and charts to

Here’s where it’s cheaper to take an Uber than to own a car

Ride-sharing companies have long touted the cost benefits of their platforms. Well, depending on the city, it can be cheaper on a weekly basis to take an UberX or UberPOOL than it is to own a personal

Here’s Mary Meeker’s essential 2018 Internet Trends report

Want to understand all the most important tech stats and trends? Legendary venture capitalist Mary Meeker has just released the 2018 version of her famous Internet Trends report. It covers everything

Crunch Report | 2017 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report is released, Elon Musk draws his line with Trump, Nest's newest smart camera, Nest Cam IQ, is released and Samsung's Bixby personal assistant is reportedly ru

Mary Meeker’s latest trends report highlights Silicon Valley’s role in the future of healthcare

Mary Meeker's latest Internet Trends Report, out today, was full of insights on how tech is shaping our future -- including now in healthcare. This was the first year Meeker included healthcare in her

Read Mary Meeker’s essential 2017 Internet Trends report

This is the best way to get up to speed on everything going on in tech. Kleiner Perkins venture partner Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report is essentially the state of the union for the

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is reason No. 1 to tune in to the RNC with us tonight

Original post 2 p.m. PT. Scroll below for commentary and to watch the live stream with us.  Donald J. Trump is, to put it gently, not well liked within the Silicon Valley tech industry — and no

13 TechCrunch stories you don’t want to miss this week

It was a short week with big news, as tech headlines saw two monster enterprise acquisitions, Mary Meeker released the annual Internet Trends Report and Uber got a its biggest round of funding yet. Th

The best Meeker 2016 Internet Trends slides and what they mean

This is the gospel according to Mary Meeker, a living legend amongst venture capitalists. Instead of just blindly clicking through her 200+ page 2016 Internet Trends report, here we’ve picked t

Mary Meeker’s essential 2016 Internet Trends Report

The fastest way to learn everything going on in tech is to read this report. Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker has become a legend for publishing these compilations of the most critical stats and tr

Meet The Competitors Vying For The Crunchie For VC Of The Year

We're getting ready for the 9th Annual Crunchies here at TechCrunch, where some of the brightest startups, companies and leaders hope to win the coveted Crunchie award in one of the 12 categories up f

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week's tech news included headlines about the Google I/O Keynote and plans for Project Fi, Apple's AR acquisition and the release of the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report. These were our best st

Kleiner Trial Is A Front Row Seat To A VC Firm In Flux

"Didn’t you tell Ms. Pao at the time that one of the reasons you chose Randy Komisar to be a board partner was that Randy ‘needed a win’?" asked Alan Exelrod, the lead counsel for the plaintiff

Mary Meeker’s Year-End Trends Report: Mobile & Tablets = 24% Of Online Shopping On Black Friday, Up 18% From 2012

Kleiner Perkins Partner Mary Meeker published her annual <a target="_blank" href="">"Internet Trends Year-End Report"</a> tonight, providing a

Mary Meeker Gives Mid-Year Internet Trends Report: Android Adoption Ramping Up 6X Faster Than iPhone

KPCB partner Mary Meeker usually publishes her famed Internet Trends report once a year, but gave a small San Francisco crowd a mid-year update tonight. The biggest new facts? Android phone adoption i

Mary Meeker: “Mobile Monetization Has More Going For It Than Early Desktop Monetization Had”

We've heard a lot about how monetizing mobile content is difficult in the context of Facebook's IPO. A lot of the company's growth is coming from mobile, after all, but it's currently very hard to mak

Here’s Kleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s Latest Data Dump: Mind The Mobile Monetization Gap

Mary Meeker, famed Internet analyst-turned-Kleiner Perkins partner, has released her latest data dump. Here you go:

Mary Meeker On #OccupyWallStreet: “People Deserve To Be A Little Angry.”

Former Wall Street securities analyst and current <a href="">KPCB</a> partner<a href=""> Mary Meeker</a> gave her <a href="https://beta.

Square Closes That $100 Million Round, Mary Meeker Joins Board

<img src=""> It's official. Jack Dorsey's Square has joined the <a href="

Can America Function More Like a Fiscally Responsible Company? It's up to Us, the Shareholders

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-278224" title="head-in-the-sand" src="" alt="" width="300" height="201" /></a> We e
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