Marvell nabs Innovium for $1.1B as it delves deeper into cloud ethernet switches

Marvell announced this morning it has reached an agreement to acquire Innovium for $1.1 billion in an all-stock deal. The startup, which raised over $400 million according to Crunchbase data, makes ne

More chip industry action as Marvell is acquiring Inphi for $10B

It’s been quite a time for chip industry consolidation, and today Marvell joined the acquisition parade when it announced it is acquiring Inphi in a combination of stock and cash valued at appro

Starry Internet and Marvell want to bust open the ISP industry

Expanding and upgrading wireless networks requires an astounding amount of investment, both in terms of time and resources. As we head into the era of 5G connectivity, that investment only increases.

Calxeda Raises $55 Million For ARM-Based, Low-Powered Server Chips

<a target="_blank" href="">Calxeda</a> has raised $55 million for its ultra-low-power server chips that use ARM-based processors instead of the Intel x86 architecture that now domina

Marvell’s ARM-Based Chipset Tapped For New Google TV Units

Everyone has already seen what the <a href="">Google TV 2.0</a> update looks like, but Google and their hardware partners have

OLPC Expands Marvell Partnership For XO-3 Tablet

<img src="" />The One Laptop Per Child program has made another step towards the <a href="

Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

<img src="" alt="" /> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: Guest author <a href="">Steve Cheney </a>is an entr

Cellphones will be able play intense 3D games and 1080p video.. at the same time.

<img src="" />Much of what is coming out of the MWC is still in the concept stage and not available yet, but that doesn't make it

Video: EyeController for iPhone/iPod touch + Marvell Plug Computer

By request from one of our readers (see, we listen!) I zipped over to Marvell’s booth to check out the Plug Computer and got the added bonus of a demonstration of EyeconTroller, an iPhone/iPod touch

Alex eBook Reader unveiled

<img src="" />The e-book seems to be the next big thing as we roll into the end of 2009. What with the <a href="http://www.crunchg