Martian’s tool automatically switches between LLMs to reduce costs

Shriyash Upadhyay and Etan Ginsberg, AI researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, are of the opinion that many large AI companies are sacrificing basic research in pursuit of developing competi

Martian adds Alexa to its hybrid smartwatch

If you’ve already gone through all of the trouble to stick a microphone and speaker on your hybrid smartwatch, you might as well make the most of the thing. Martian’s taking advantage of the oppor

Who Owns The Stuff In Space?

Who owns the moon, or Mars, or any of the asteroids?

Martian’s New Smartwatch Hides The Power Inside An Unassuming Package

The Martian Voice Command Envoy tries hard make you think it’s not a smartwatch. The model I tested, a black faux diver with a non-working bezel and quartz movement, looks more like a drugstore

Meet The Martians, The Smartwatches You Can Actually Talk To

With products like the <a href="">Pebble </a>and the <a href="