Marshmallow picks up $1.2M seed to provide car insurance to immigrants and expats

Marshmallow, a new ‘insurtech’ startup in the U.K. building a product for immigrants/expats who are poorly served by the car insurance market, has picked up $1.2 million in seed funding. B

As Android O debuts, Marshmallow still commands about a third of devices

The arrival of a new Android version isn’t nearly as rare as a total solar eclipse, but Google’s hoping the solar system will share the spotlight as it takes the wraps off its latest mobile operat

Google’s Next Version Of Android Is Called “Marshmallow”

Google has made it a thing to name its Android OS versions after food. Letter by letter in the alphabet (har har). But not just any food -- food that's really bad for you. This version, which has been

What is this?

What is this strange orb-shaped thing? Is it a Jedi Mind Trainer? A strange onacup? A magical ball of joy? Perhaps all of those things are right… and none of them.

Roasted Marshmallow Shooter: Yes, it shoots flaming marshmallows

<img src="">You put a marshmallow into it. It catches on fire. You shoot it. This, in a nutshell explains how the mazing Roasted Marshmallow