Marshall unveils first set of noise cancelling headphones

Marshall makes some of the best sounding and yet affordable headphones on the market and the company today is announcing its first set with active noise cancellation. Called the Marshall Mid ANC, the

Marshall introduces its own Wi-Fi multi-room speaker system

It seems like everyone these days has a multi-room speaker system – the latest entrant is Marshall, the amp maker that brought its signature style to portable consumer speakers in recent years. The

Marshall’s new Bluetooth headphones promise 30 hours of life on a charge

“Mid” is probably not the most intuitive name for a premium addition to an existing product category. But there you have it. Marshall’s latest on-ear Bluetooth headphones join the company’s (s

Marshall Adds Mic, Remote To The Major Headphones

Remember the Mashall Major over-the-ear headphones? (Devin’s review) Yeah, they now come with an inline mic and remote but cost $119 instead of $99. [Marshall]

The Marshall Minor In-Earphones Are Now Available For Jamming And/Or Rocking

It’s kind of hard to get excited about mid-tier earphones these day The Marshall Minors are a bit of an exception thanks primaily to their retrotastic design. There’s the large gold-colore

Marshall Releases Major and Minor Headphones

Back before kids had earbuds or earnodes or whatever, you used to listen to your Robert Plant on big studio cans, man. You’d just sit back with a J and just let the music wash over you while you

Marshall Releases Teaser Image Of Its Upcoming Earphones, The Minor

Marshall, a name synonymous with the rockers of old, released a teaser pic a few weeks back of their upcoming ear cans. Well, it seems they also have a set of earbuds coming out in the near future cal

Marshall Teases Us With A Nice Pair Of Cans

Basically all we know about these upcoming Marshall headphones is that they’ll be available on November 15 and that they bear the name of the vaunted monitor cabinet and amp company, Marshall. I

For netbooks: Stand with built-in DVD drive, USB port and HDD slot

<img src="" /> A Japanese company called Marshal (yes, one "l") <a href="">announced<

Kick your Guitar Hero experience up a notch

I may be against DIYers bringing LEDs and PCBs to airports, but I certainly don’t oppose case-mods of this nature! Apparently some crafty guitar player had an extra Marshall full-stack lying aro