• The Most San Francisco Wedding Happened, Thanks To Uber

    The Most San Francisco Wedding Happened, Thanks To Uber

    Friends and family gathered to witness Sosh’s CTO Rod Begbie marry his sweetheart of three years this afternoon. Only this was no ordinary wedding. Begbie and his bride-to-be, Lacey Shaw, sent a GroupMe message and a tweet earlier today, asking all their friends to meet them in Alamo Square Park to see them get hitched on Uber’s dime. Begbie and Shaw had lightly discussed… Read More

  • Deal Of A Lifetime: First Marriage Proposal On Groupon

    It had to happen sooner or later. The mark of a truly ubiquitous social phenomenon is when somebody uses it to propose to someone else. We’ve seen marriage proposals on Twitter, Facebook, and the iPad. Now we have what appears to be the first marriage proposal on Groupon. And what a deal it is. A guy named Greg in Cincinnati offered to marry a woman named Dana, and it only cost her… Read More

  • Couple marries in zero gravity

    Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor of New York City got married over the weekend inside a Boeing 727-200 specially-equipped to plummet briefly into zero-gravity freefalls. Read More

  • Man claims photo of his genitals found on his iPhone is a ‘glitch’

    Flickr’d How dumb are men, generally? A woman is set to divorce her husband after she discovered a photo of his genitals in his iPhone’s sent e-mails folder. The woman suspected that the guy was sending photos of himself to other women, but the guy had an excuse: it’s just a glitch, honey. Yeah, the iPhone has this weird habit of going into photo mode, unzipping your pants… Read More

  • Programmer proposes by hacking 'Bejeweled'

    Congratulations to Bernie Peng and his soon-to-be-wife Tammy Li! The happy couple just got engaged via a hacked version of “Bejeweled” that Bernie programmed to reveal his proposal once Tammy hit a certain score. Seattle-based PopCap, makers of “Bejeweled,” is so F-ing excited about all the publicity this little stunt has created that it’s offered to fly the Pengs… Read More

  • Researcher says human-robot marriage will be acceptable one day

    Get ready for sweet man-on-robot love, folks. A Dutch university has awarded a British researcher a doctorate for his paper on the possibility of human-robot marriage. The researcher argued that, in time, with increasing robot sophistication and evolving attitudes toward marriage, we’ll one day live in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to marry a robot. I have a few questions. Read More

  • Geek Proposes Via Dashboard Widget

    Some would call this a story of love between two geeks. Apparently, some dork who goes by the username “Bjorn” on Flickr proposed to his girl by coding out a custom Dashboard widget. Shaped like a ring box, the widget has an image of a diamond engagement ring and the message “Jennifer Christensen Will You marry me?” He told her to hit F12 and the rest is history. Awwww. Read More