• Android Market’s “Featured Apps” Seeing Explosive Download Numbers

    Android Market’s “Featured Apps” Seeing Explosive Download Numbers

    Getting featured in the Android Market is starting to have a meaningful impact for mobile app developers. According to the recent news from fitness app maker RunKeeper, the company saw a 637% increase in downloads since November after just a few days of being a featured app in the Android Market “Health & Fitness” section. But is RunKeeper seeing the boost because of the… Read More

  • Google updates the Android Market UI, reduces refund window to 15 minutes

    Google announced today on their Android Developer’s Blog that over the next two weeks they’ll be rolling out an update to the Android Market for all Android devices running v1.6 and above. The update is a fairly major one, with a major overhaul to the UI, including a new “carousel” showing off the featured apps on the front page, and a rework of the app page so that all… Read More

  • Best of: Stupid Android Market comments by slightly stupid people

    One of the great things about Android Market is that you can see what everyone has to say about the applications they’ve downloaded. Very useful in figuring out if you should really download that app called “Alien Blood Bath” or just avoid it all together. The system, however, is slightly flawed. It appears that no one is really moderating these comments, and they usually end… Read More

  • Dudes keep Motorola clinging to its market share for one more year

    Motorola somehow managed to keep its position this year as the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the US, according to a report by analysts at Multimedia Intelligence, but things aren’t looking so hot for next year. The analysts predict that RIM and Apple’s penetration (heh) into the mobile market are causing heartache for Moto and its 21% market share. Samsung and LG are… Read More

  • Meebo chats its way to the Android platform

    It was only a few days ago that we tore into the 20 dollar IM+ application for being overpriced, buggy, and lacking anything that justified that 20 dollar price tag. At the tail-end of that review, we expressed our hopes that an IM app done right would come along soon. Enter Meebo for Android, brought to you by the same people behind the awesome browser-based IM application of the same name. Read More

  • "AndroidBoy" Game Boy emulator debuts on the Android Market

    While it’s by no means playable at this point (unless your favorite hobby is watching sloths tend to a patch of growing grass), the Android Market has now seen it’s first video game emulator: AndroidBoy. As you may have guessed from the tail-end of the name, it’s a Game Boy emulator, supporting games from both the original Game Boy and 1998’s Game Boy Color. The… Read More

  • Google announces Android App Market paid application details, revenue share model

    With the first 21 days of October behind us, the G1’s “Official” launch day is finally upon us. With the first Android-powered handset now in the hands of giddy customers around the country, Google has provided long-awaited details about the Android App Market. As made apparent by those G1 pre-order handsets which arrived a day or two early, the Market is live at launch. Read More

  • Breaking – Android Market announced

    Android, my friends, will have it’s own App Store. From the blog post: That’s why today I’m happy to share early details of Android Market—an open content distribution system that will help end users find, purchase, download and install various types of content on their Android-powered devices. The concept is simple: leverage Google’s expertise in… Read More

  • Research firm: Global solar cell market to explode by 2012, America will gain influence

    Market research company Fuji Keizai is predicting the global market for solar cells will grow 27% annually until 2012, when it supposedly will reach a size of $42.5 billion. In 2007, the market was worth $10.9 billion. Fuji Keizai calculated that polycrystalline silicon solar cells accounted for 90% of the market in 2007 but says the importance of silicon in the use of solar cells will… Read More

  • Gartner says market for mini-notebooks will explode by 2012

    IT research and advisory giant Gartner predicts that worldwide shipments for mini-notebooks will reach 5.2 million units in 2008 and even 8 million units one year later. The company is expecting that by 2012 about 50 million of these PCs will be shipped (on a global level). Gartner says their findings are based on the fact that mini-notebooks are distinctive in factors such as size, weight… Read More

  • Dvorak Hits Magical Crack Pipe, Says Apple Should Pull iPhone

    That John C. Dvorak is up to it again. Making radical claims year after year until one of them actually hits and then he claims credit – real classy. Dvorak’s latest claim is that Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone before it’s too late. He goes on to say that Apple is merely an advertising company and the iPhone is way over-hyped. Says the silly goose: What Apple… Read More