Winklevoss-led Gemini announces a self-regulatory group for crypto

Gemini, run by the Winklevoss twins, is one of the most Wall Street-oriented exchanges on the crypto markets. Originally envisioned as “bitcoin in a suit,” it is now leading the way in sel

Stressing aptitude over achievement, Strive Talent pitches a new way to hire

A number of startups are rethinking how hiring should work, because while many employers require a college degree for a job, the fact is that most of the skills needed to perform those jobs aren't tau

Chinese brands have invaded Indonesia’s fast-growing smartphone market

If you’re looking for a market with smartphone sales growth potential then India usually comes to mind, but the market is moving forward with much promise in Indonesia, the world’s fourth

Stox to launch token sale for its new prediction market is’s prediction market product and it’s getting a little boost through a newly-opened token sale using Bancor’s smart token protocol. This announcement, while ful

Surging tech stocks have pushed Nasdaq over 6000 for the first time ever

The Nasdaq composite just passed 6000 for the first time, hitting an all-time intraday high in the process. Over the past 12 months the composite is up nearly 32%. The majority of this strong perform

Tizeti is bringing wireless internet to urban Africa

A new company called Tizeti, which is launching in the latest batch of startups to come from Y Combinator, is proposing a simple solution to the connectivity problem... Build more towers, more cheaply

eBay takes on fashion resale startups with new authentication program

Ebay is not taking the rise of fashion resale businesses targeting high-end clientele lying down. The over 20-year old marketplace today announced it will launch a new authentication program, called s

Movile’s Latin American delivery business, Rappido, is now picking up in Mexico

Brazil's biggest app developer, Movile, is taking its on-demand delivery service into the Mexican market through a joint venture with Grupo ampm. The deal will cement Rappido's position as the largest

Evernote Market Has Sold $12M In Products Since Launch

Today Evernote gave updates on how its Evernote Market is doing. So far, it's sold more than $12 million worth of goods via its store.

Infoblox’s Stock Drops 36.84% After Its Earnings And Forecast Disappoint

Shares of Infoblox fell sharply today, to the tune of 36.84%. The networking company reported disappointing earnings after the bell yesterday, along with the coming departure of of its CEO. How bad w

Researchers Expect To See A $6.5 Billion Market For Home Robotics By 2017

Sure, we have our Roombas and a few AR Drones here and there, but researchers expect that we'll have many more - and better - robots within the next few years and that the overall market should hit $6

Android Market’s “Featured Apps” Seeing Explosive Download Numbers

Getting featured in the Android Market is starting to have a meaningful impact for mobile app developers. According to the <a href="">recent news</a>

Google updates the Android Market UI, reduces refund window to 15 minutes

<img src="" />Google announced today on their <a href="

Best of: Stupid Android Market comments by slightly stupid people

One of the great things about Android Market is that you can see what everyone has to say about the applications they’ve downloaded. Very useful in figuring out if you should really download tha

Dudes keep Motorola clinging to its market share for one more year

Motorola somehow managed to keep its position this year as the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the US, according to a report by analysts at Multimedia Intelligence, but things aren’t looking

Meebo chats its way to the Android platform

It was only a few days ago that we tore into the 20 dollar IM+ application for being overpriced, buggy, and lacking anything that justified that 20 dollar price tag. At the tail-end of that review, we

"AndroidBoy" Game Boy emulator debuts on the Android Market

While it’s by no means playable at this point (unless your favorite hobby is watching sloths tend to a patch of growing grass), the Android Market has now seen it’s first video game emulat

Google announces Android App Market paid application details, revenue share model

With the first 21 days of October behind us, the G1’s “Official” launch day is finally upon us. With the first Android-powered handset now in the hands of giddy customers around the

Breaking – Android Market announced

Android, my friends, will have it’s own App Store. From the blog post: That’s why today I’m happy to share early details of Android Market—an open content distribution system that

Research firm: Global solar cell market to explode by 2012, America will gain influence

Market research company Fuji Keizai is predicting the global market for solar cells will grow 27% annually until 2012, when it supposedly will reach a size of $42.5 billion. In 2007, the market was wo
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