Google adds limited Markdown support to Google Docs

Weavit’s new app wants to be a ‘Shazam for your thoughts’

A new app called Weavit wants to be a “Shazam for your thoughts” — that is, it wants to offer people a different way to quickly capture their thoughts in a note-taking tool with the

Ghost, the open source blogging system, is ready for prime time

Four long years ago John O’Nolan released a content management system for bloggers that was as elegant as it was spooky. Called Ghost, the original app was a promising Kickstarter product with l

Canvas is the collaborative Markdown editor I’ve been waiting for

It’s no secret, I love Markdown. But when it comes to collaborating with someone, Google Docs, Quip, Pages on and Word on are all rich-text editors. Meet Canvas, a real-time Ma

Ulysses is now a damn good WordPress editor for Mac and iOS

This might sound like inside baseball, but I’ve been using <a target="_blank" href="">Ulysses</a> for all my writing for a few months now. It’s a rock-solid, well-designed wri

Ulysses for iPhone makes me consider writing articles on my phone

Ulysses is a <a target="_blank" href="">Markdown</a> text editor for small and big projects. It works quite well for anything between a blog post and a nove