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In the next few weeks, you can spend time with any one of these VCs and it will all go to charity

Five years ago, we told you about a venture capital auction wherein dozens of VCs donated their time toward a greater good — helping fund research at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, one of

Southern California needs to find its hub for it to develop its own tech ecosystem

Recognizing the tens of billions of dollars that the Southern Californian region leaves on the table, because it hasn’t taken its rightful place in the American technology industry, a new group

As the LA venture market booms, Upfront closes its sixth fund with $400 million

As the firm looks ahead to its own future, Suster and the firm he's helped grow remain committed to the future of Los Angeles. The two are paired, and these days if an investor is #LongLA (to use the

Bill Gurley doesn’t think these giant new funds are such a great idea

“It’s not just the size of the funds but the velocity” at which VCs are returning to their investors, known as limited partners (or LPs), says an astonished Bill Gurley of the venture firm Bench

Mark Suster On Falling Valuations And LA’s Tech Scene

TechCrunch sat down with Mark Suster, managing partner at Upfront Ventures. One of the most active investors in Los Angeles, Suster spoke of how local startups are able to draw upon the city’s

Twenty-Year-Old Shahed Khan Has More Connections Than You Do

Shahed Khan is a kind of VC wunderkind at the moment. At age 20, while many of his peers are either attending college or living with their parents, he’s working as an entrepreneur-in-residenc

MakeSpace, A Dropbox For Real Life Storage, Launches In New York Today, Having Raised $1.3M

The phrase “storage unit,” brings to mind one of two things: high-volume drug deals, or a huge hassle. Either way, not good. A startup called MakeSpace is launching in New York today with

Mark Suster On Being “Upfront,” Plans For His New $200M Fund, And High Expectations For The LA Startup Ecosystem

Mark Suster's venture firm just wrapped up a <a href="">new $200 million fund</a>, and it also has a brand new name: Upfront Ventures. Today, I

Clayton Christensen Talks Venture Capital, Crowd Funding, And How To Measure Your Life

Editor’s note: Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 40-city community bringing the global startup world together while educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs. There are

Why Convertible Notes Are Sometimes Terrible For Startups

<em><strong>Editor’s Note: </strong>This is a guest post by Mark Suster (<a target="_blank" href="!/msuster">@msuster</a>), a 2x entrepreneur, now VC at <a target="_blank" href

Mark Suster: Raise Money Now So When The Party's Over You're Sitting Pretty

<img src="" />Earlier this week <a href="">GRP Parter VC</a> and VC blogger <a href=

9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month

<img src="" /></a> <em><strong>Editor’s Note: </strong>This is a guest post by Mark Suster (<a href="!/msu

Why Startups Need to Blog (and what to talk about …)

<img src="" /></a> <em><strong>Editor’s Note: </strong>This is a guest post by Mark Suster (<a href="!/msust

Whom Should You Hire at a Startup? (Attitude over Aptitude)

<img src="" /></a> Startups. We know the mantra: Team matters. Is this philosophy exaggerated? Overrated? Cliché? No. Team is the onl

This Post Has Nothing to do with #SXSW

<img src="" /></a>For the next four days if you're in the tech industry you're going to hear a non-stop stream of information about SXSW. It

What Every Entrepreneur Could Learn from Justin Bieber

<img src="" /></a> I know what you're thinking - link bait title, right? Wrong. I will stand 100% behind my assertions in this post.

What’s The Real Deal With AngelList?

<img src='' /> <em><strong>Editor’s Note: </strong>This is a guest post by Mark Suster (<a href="!/m

Can You Really Build A Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

<img src="" /><em><strong>Editor’s Note: </strong>This is a guest post by Mark Suster, a 2x entrepreneur who has gone to the Dark Si

Improving Sales: The Excuse Department Is Closed

<img src="" /></a> <em><strong>Editor’s Note:</strong> This is a guest post by Mark Suster, a two-time entrepren

Should You Really Be A Startup Entrepreneur?

<img src="" alt="" /> <em><strong>Editor's Note: </strong>This is a guest post by Mark Suster, a 2x entrepren
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