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  • Nintendo’s Mario Kart DLC Is The Best (And Also The Worst)

    Nintendo’s Mario Kart DLC Is The Best (And Also The Worst)

    Nintendo has seen better times. Back in June, the company announced a quarterly loss despite tripling sales of its flagship console, the Wii U. The numbers were bad, but look even worse when looking back with context: if Nintendo sold the Wii U at the same rate as the previous quarter for a year, it would only sell about 2 million units. Read More

  • In Real-Life Mario Kart, “I’m-A Gonna Win!”

    In Real-Life Mario Kart, “I’m-A Gonna Win!”

    “I wish you could play this game in real life.” Those words have been muttered by almost everyone who’s ever played the game Mario Kart — and if you’ve played games at all in the past couple decades, chances are you’ve encountered this classic title. Well, the folks from National Instruments at Waterloo Labs have just answered the prayers of two… Read More

  • Hori Announces Steering Wheel Peripheral For Mario Kart On 3DS

    Hori Announces Steering Wheel Peripheral For Mario Kart On 3DS

    There is a very special peripheral for future owners of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS coming soon, but it’s not made by Nintendo itself: video game accessory maker Hori announced a steering wheel that’s specifically designed for the game and that’s officially licensed by big N. The device will feature large L and R buttons for better control. Read More

  • How A Gamer Mods His Car

    Since Mario Kart is hands-down the best racing game ever made, it only makes sense to bring the fun into real life by adding buttons for banana peels, mushrooms, stars and, of course, mystery boxes for more of the above. [via Reddit] Read More

  • Video: Real Life Mario Kart

    What can you do if you live in in provincial Nara in Japan, if you”re a 57-year old Japanese entrepreneur with a penchant for cars, and if you need a cool hobby? You can drive a real-life Mario Kart, just like Satoshi Imanaka, who is regularly dressing up as Mario and driving around town with his 7 friends on karts, does. Read More

  • Get ready NASCAR fans, Mario Kart is coming

    Despite what my co-workers believe, the fact that I live in Northern Nevada does not automatically make me a fan of NASCAR. I am a fan of MarioKart though, and the fact that Nintendo has teamed up with the Number 20 GameStop car for this weekend’s Slater Bros. 300 is pretty darn cool. I wonder though, will the GameStop car be throwing turtle shells or bananas at the other cars? Read More

  • Mario Kart (and more) for your Palm Pre

    A WebOS port of the popular GB/CGA emulator is pretty rocking’, even though it only runs at 90% speed on a good day. The hackers who figured all this out will get it back up to speed shortly but don’t expect to download this at the Apps Market or whatever Palm is calling it. This is pure homebrew. Click through for Zelda. Read More

  • Super Mario Kart, Javascript style

    Jacob Seidelin is fast becoming the Ben Heckendorn of Javascript games. You may remember that in early April, Seidelin programmed all of Super Mario Bros. into 14 Kb of Javascript code. This month, he’s tackled Super Mario Kart in about 11 Kb of code. It’s not the full game, however. “So far, it’s just racing. No weapons or any of that fancy stuff. At the moment, you… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: The dangers of running in first place

    The Beijing Olympics begin August 8, but just remember what happens to the guy in first place. via Read More

  • iPhone version of 'Mario Kart'-ish game No telling how really real this is because it’s just a teaser video, but we have what appears to be a Mario Kart-like game for the iPhone. It’s apparently being developed by France’s int13, but I found no mention of the game itself on the company’s site. The steering wheel looks interesting and the little cursor… Read More

  • Mario Kart with 'Wii Wheel' accessory vs Wii remote Stephen Totillo of MTV’s Multiplayer blog gets a hands-on demo of the Wii version of Mario Kart and compares playing it with the “Wii Wheel” accessory versus playing it with just the Wii-mote. The wheelie move shown in the above video is pretty cool. Hit the jump to see the second gameplay video without the “Wii Wheel” accessory. Read More

  • Mario Kart for the Wii dropping April 27th

    Now I have a second reason to get a Wii. Mario Kart Wii has been slated for an April 27th launch date for the US and it comes with the Wii Wheel. There is a 12-player race mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi and includes 16 new courses as well as 16 previous courses. You can even pick whether you want a kart of motorbike. It’s going to be righteous. Press Release Read More

  • Mario Kart Wii will NOT feature voice chat – and that's fine with me

    Well, it looks like it’s strictly text for players of the future modern classic, Mario Kart Wii. Voice chat will not be an option. You can use your keyboard or the wiimote to type stuff in, which has been sufficient for years now. I’ve had some good times talking trash in Half-Life 1 DM, Starcraft, and Counterstrike (beta 5.2 forever), and it was all in text. To this day I refuse… Read More

  • Mario Kart Wii: Steering wheel just OK?

    Only so-so? Spring is right around the corner, and with it Mario Kart Wii, the latest version of Nintendo’s seminal racer. Nintendo let IGN play with it for a minute (actually, under an hour, I only used “minute” to sound worldly); IGN liked the game. The Wii steering wheel, eh, that took some getting used to. First, the game itself. Read More

  • Mario Kart Wii features update

    Awesome. Mario Kart on the SNES is, as far as I am concerned, one of the best games ever made. I still play it regularly even though the computer players cheat flagrantly. Since then it has appeared in various forms, though perhaps none as hotly anticipated as the Wii version. It’s just hitting on the other side of the water (the Japanese side) so we’ll be hearing more about it soon. Read More

  • When Mario Kart Meets Drunken Debauchery What do you get when you throw together racing, liquor, drugs, and a group of jackasses? The CrunchGear team! Or how about a live rendition of Mario Kart. Watch in amazement as these “grown men” ride tricycles around outside dressed up as Mario Kart characters. They seriously go all out, including bananas, power ups, and… Read More