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LOVE unveils a modern video messaging app with a business model that puts users in control

A London-headquartered startup called LOVE, valued at $17 million following its pre-seed funding, aims to redefine how people stay in touch with close family and friends. The company is launching a me

Video app Marco Polo adds a subscription option amid coronavirus-led boost in usage

The coronavirus pandemic has sent record numbers of new users to video chat apps. Now, video messaging app Marco Polo aims to capitalize on the increases it’s also seeing to launch its new subsc

Someone knows something about this Marco Polo app that we don’t

There’s a whisper in the venture community we’re hearing that is growing increasingly louder, and it’s about this video walkie-talkie app called Marco Polo. Investors are suddenly ve

Marco Polo Is A Simple App For Sharing Your Location With Selected Friends

A smartphone app called <a target="_blank" href="">Marco Polo</a> aims to make it easier for users to find and meet up with their friends. The basic mechanic of the app i