March Madness

  • Here’s how to watch NCAA March Madness in VR

    Here’s how to watch NCAA March Madness in VR

    Want to watch March Madness in VR? You’re in luck. Six games — including the Final Four national semifinals and National Championship game — will be streamed in VR. The games will be available via the new NCAA March madness Live VR App available on the Oculus Store, which will work with Gear VR devices. Read More

  • Top sports websites unleash foul play in the enterprise Crunch Network

    Top sports websites unleash foul play in the enterprise

    The reality is that merely checking a March Madness bracket puts not only the employee at risk, but also the entire enterprise. Read More

  • March Madness On Demand: Free Live Streams For Your iPad

    What month is it? March, yes. Thanks, iCal. That means it’s time for March Madness~! (Followed by April craziness, of course.) This year the NCAA, along with its television partners Turner Sports and CBS Sports, have noticeably improved the tournament’s new media presence. Every game, and there are 68 of them, will be live-streamed, and they’ll be viewable online and on all… Read More

  • March Madness streaming in HD this year

    Another year that March Madness is about to descend upon college basketball fans everywhere and another year that it appears my University of Puget Sound Loggers haven’t made it anywhere close to the big tournament. I’m beginning to think they might NEVER win a national championship. Maybe a little HD video streaming will dull my pain. Read More

  • March Sadness: Joost's pipes, they are clogged

    Wonh, woonnh. Seems Joost is acting up with the live streams of the NCAA games. I was able to get a split-second worth of one of those stupid cell shaded Charles Schwab commercials but every other time I’ve tried to get a one of the games loaded up, I’ve been getting an error message. Joost did say “we fully expect things to go wrong,” so I’ll keep trying… Read More

  • In case you hadn't heard, all NCAA games are on Joost

    Just a heads up that Joost will be conducting a test run of every game in the NCAA tournament, streamed live. There’s a fair amount of warning that this is a test of Joost’s live streaming capabilities, so take that into consideration if you’re hell bent on being able to watch the games reliably. There’s also’s live stream as well, so you’ve got… Read More