Marc Bodnick

  • Quora loses its public face, Marc Bodnick

    Quora loses its public face, Marc Bodnick

    Quora’s been at the Q&A game for 7 years now but still is only starting to monetize. It’s growing, but momentum could take a hit tonight as long-time head of business and community Marc Bodnick is leaving to return to the investing world or found his own startup. Bodnick tells me “I’m ready to be part of something that I start, or that I start with others.”… Read More

  • Marc Bodnick to Become Quora's New Grown-up

    Yesterday brought bad news for Elevation with a report that superstar partner Marc Bodnick was leaving the firm. The story seems to have gotten a lot more interesting today. We’re hearing reports that Bodnick isn’t simply heading for a new sexier venture firm– he’s heading to Quora to become the company’s CFO. This certainly adds some credence to those who… Read More