Vietnam after-school learning startup Marathon raises $1.5M pre-seed round

Marathon Education was created after its founders realized after-school education in Vietnam hadn’t evolved much since they were kids. Some of the most popular tuition centers in big cities teach hu

Netflix now lets you lock your personal profile with a PIN to keep kids (and roommates) out

Want to let your kids poke around Netflix without them wandering their way beyond the kids section? Got a roommate who keeps inexplicably forgetting to use their profile and is totally screwing up you

Will science and good shoes help break the two-hour marathon barrier this weekend?

This weekend, Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese will attempt to run a marathon in under two hours. It’s a bold – and some say impossible – goal, and a hell of a marketing campaig

This Guy’s Periscoping A Marathon From His Wheelchair

The great part about live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat is that we get to see things that we rarely (or never) get to see from a different perspective. Today is one of those days, as well

Bungie's got three projects up its sleeve

Everybody has been speculating about the recent delayed E3 announcement, thought by many to be Halo-related (really going out on a limb there, everybody). Well, they’ve revealed on their blog th

Marathon CSAR video review: Watch nerdery

Watch nut Nubo reviews the massive Marathon CSAR chrono, a beautiful tool watch that looks like a tank. Marathon is a Canadian company that makes watches for the U.S. military and they sell really nic

Rumor: Halo prequel action/adventure Bungie's next project?

Oh, joy — I smell a return to Marathon. Or Pathways Into Darkness. Whichever, they’re both pretty awesome games. According to the rumor mill at 1up, Bungie’s next project may be &#82

Further proof that Marathon is better than Halo 3

I feel like I could, and should, speak on this topic for a long time, but I don’t think I will. But this guy, the creator of a game I’m actually looking forward to, makes a particularly go

Your favorite Halo rumors gently crushed in Bungie chat

The forums have been, as ever, abuzz with the most ridiculous of Halo rumors. In a recent chat-style interview, some of these speculations were brought under the scrutiny of two Bungie guys. Among the

Run John, Run

Today’s the big day, folks. Mr. Biggs began his marathon at around 6:30 AM PST and he’s pumping out 10:20 miles. If you’re bored then feel free to live track Biggs. Cheer him on or f

Good Luck John!

The time has finally come and our very own, John Biggs, is preparing to run in tomorrow’s Rock’n’Roll Marathon in sunny San Diego. The forecast for tomorrow is 66 degrees and that sounds

Marathon Training for Nerds

Mmmmm… lube-y. I’ve been a runner since sophomore year in college. It was easy to take up and easy to do — just go in a straight line and don’t fall — and aside from a fe