Inrix Buys ParkMe To Add Smart Parking Services To Its Real Time Traffic Data

Inrix, a startup out of Washington that provides real-time traffic and other data to car companies like BMW and Tesla, tech companies like Samsung and Google, and 400 other enterprises, has made an ac

The Internet Was Created For Cat Street View

Drones are making it easier to share a bird’s eye view of the world around us, but we might be looking at things from the wrong perspective. Created as a tourism promotion by Hiroshima prefecture in

Google Maps’ “Night Mode” Feature Makes It Easier To Navigate In The Dark

A new update to the Google Maps iOS application promises to make it easier to navigate when it's dark outside, potentially reducing the risk associated with using the app while behind the wheel. (Not

Mapbox Raises $52.6M Led By DFJ To Be The “Map Layer” For All Apps

With questions swirling over who may end up buying Nokia’s mapping division Here, a startup trying to disrupt it and other big boys like Google has raised some major funding. Mapbox, a developer

Mapbox Takes On Apple With An SDK To Put Maps Into iOS Apps

The impending sale of Nokia’s Here mapping division has put a sharp focus on the role that location and maps in particular are playing in the mobile world. And while we are seeing a number of b

Google Shuts Down Map Maker Following Hacks

After a series of spam attacks and other obscene edits, Google has temporarily taken its crowdsourced map editing tool Map Maker offline. The online tool has, for years, allowed those in countries wit

Facebook And Nokia Quietly Ink Deal For Here To Power Maps On Mobile, Instagram And Messenger

One of the companies in the frame as a potential buyer of Nokia's Here mapping division has quietly inked a deal with the Finnish company to power mobile maps. Facebook is now using Here maps for its

Google Takes On Yelp Elites With Its New “Local Guides” Program

Google is rolling out a “Local Guides” program in an update to Google Maps – a move that seemingly sees the company taking on “Yelp’s Elites” – that is, Yel

Nokia’s Here Will Power Maps For Baidu Outside China To Cater To China’s ‘Globetrotters’

Search giant Baidu has made no secret of its ambitions to expand its business outside of China by way of mobile services. Now it’s struck a deal with Nokia that could help it with that by serv

Nokia’s Here Mapping App Now On Google Play Globally, Coming Back To iOS In 2015

Nokia — doubling down on mapping as a multiplatform business after selling its devices and services division to Microsoft earlier this year — says that it’s had over one million dow

Apple Details An Elaborate Transit Navigation System In Patent Applications

Apple has a couple of new patent application with the USPTO (via AppleInsider) that details what could be its solution for providing transit directions. The patents describe something that resembles a

Google’s Maps App For iOS And Android Gets Material Design And Uber Estimates

Google has updated Maps to keep with the visual theme introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop, which it calls material design. The new mobile apps now feature bold headers of solid flat colors and animat

Nokia Brings Its HERE Maps App To All Supported Android Phones

This August, Nokia, the Finnish company that remains after selling its handset business to Microsoft, rolled out new versions of its HERE mapping product to Samsung smartphones, powered by both Androi

Apple Explores Augmented Reality Navigation For iPhones

Apple has two new patent applications out today (via AppleInsider) that show it’s been working on boosting the iPhone’s navigation abilities with augmented reality features. The patent des

Michael Halbherr Steps Down As CEO Of Here, Nokia’s Location And Mapping Division

Yet more changes for Nokia, the Finnish wireless behemoth that was split apart earlier this year when Microsoft acquired its devices and services business for $7.2 billion. Michael Halbherr, an eight-

Yandex’s New Local Search App, Yandex.City, Goes Where No Yelp Has Gone Before

Yandex, Russia's answer to Google, continues apace with its strategy to launch more products that stretch it beyond basic search. Today, it is tackling the business of local search with Yandex.City, a

Transportation Department Looks To Regulate Navigation Apps

The Transportation Department is angling for regulatory control over navigational apps as a part of the Obama administration's proposed transportation bill, which is expected to pass later this year.

Apple’s Maps Are Still Lost

Apple, during WWDC last week, delivered some significant updates across various parts of its business. It released, among other things, some 4,000 new APIs (and a new programming language) to dev

Apple Acquires Spotsetter, A Social Search Engine For Places

<a target="_blank" href="">Spotsetter</a>, a social search engine using big data to offer personalized recommendations as to places to go, has been qui

Nokia Buys Desti To Add AI To HERE Maps, Will Shut App Down

Nokia, now lightened of its handset load thanks to Microsoft, has made an acquisition to expand its HERE mapping business, one of the assets that has remained with the Finnish company. It has bought 
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