Manilla, The Hearst-Backed Service For Managing Bills, Is Shutting Down On July 1

Account management startup <a target="_blank" href="">Manilla</a> says that it will be shutting down on July 1. We received several tips about the shutdown today, then when I

Google, HelloFax, Expensify And Others Want You To Go Paperless In 2013

The "paperless office" has been a fantasy of office managers since the advent of the personal computer. While you are probably printing less today than you did ten years ago, the U.S. Environmental Pr

Hearst's Manilla Opens Online Account Management Service To The Public

<img src="">Earlier this year, we <a href=""

DEMO 2011 Roundup: The Eight Best Startups of Day 1

<img src="" />The <a target="_blank" href="">DEMO Spring 2011</a> conference kicked off yesterday in Palm Springs, feat