T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G Gets $99 Price Tag, November 2 Launch Date

Calling all T-Mobile Windows Phone fans -- you can finally put your aging HD7s out to pasture. T-Mobile has just announced that the Mango-powered HTC Radar will <a href="

Microsoft Begins Rolling Out Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”

Microsoft promised just a few days back that the Windows Phone 7.5 update (otherwise known as "Mango", because updates need funny little names now) would roll out <a href="

Windows Phone Marketplace Is Now Available In A Browser Near You

All the way back in May, Microsoft revealed that they were hard at work developing a <a href="

Trademark Watch: Windows Phone 7.5 Will “Put People First”

<a href="">Microsoft</a> has filed for a trademark on <a href="">"Put People First"</a>, the tagline it

Microsoft: Mango Will Roll Out “In The Next Week Or Two”

File this one under "It's about time" -- Microsoft has announced today that they intended to roll out their Windows Phone 7.5 (a.k.a "Mango") update to current devices within<a href="http://windowstea

Fujitsu’s IS12T Windows Phone Mango Launched In Japan Today (Quick Hands-On)

Last month, <a href="">Fujitsu</a> <a href="">in</a> <a href="

Windows Phone VP Debunks Mango’s Sept. 1 Release, We’re Still Not Convinced

If you're keeping up with <a href="">Windows Phone Mango</a> (which you totally should be because it looks pretty awesome), you'll remember that <a href="https://techcr

Windows Phone Logo Refresh Fits A Square Peg In A Round Hole

Well, what is this we have popping up all over the place? It’s pretty familiar with that <a href="">Windows</a> logo in the center, but shouldn’t it be bundled ni

Report: Fujitsu To Launch World’s First Windows Mango Cell Phone In Japan Next Month

First, Fujitsu-Toshiba unveiled the <a href="">world's first Symbian/Windows 7 dual boot cell phone

Acer Announces First Windows Smartphone: The Mango-Flavored W4

<img src="" />Back in February, we heard that <a href="">Acer</a> had plans to join <a href="http://crunc