• Mandriva Linux cobbling together a netbook edition

    It looks like Linux lovers will get another netbook-optimized distro in "Mandriva Mini," which was recently announced and will first be seen on Emtec’s "Gdium" netbook — yes, that Emtec Gdium. I kid, I kid. I’ve never heard of the Gdium either. Mandriva promises to differentiate itself from the rest of the Linux-on-a-netbook (LOAN — coined by me… Read More

  • Mandriva apparently back in the Nigerian saddle again

    Okay, remember a little over a week ago when the CEO of Mandriva François Bancilhon sent an open j’accuse! letter to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer  saying that Microsoft convinced the Nigerian government to use Windows on its computers instead of Mandriva Linux even though Mandriva and Nigeria already had a deal?  Well apparently "the government agency funding… Read More