Mamiya announces DM40 DSLR, makes wallets bleed

<img src="" />Mamiya announced their latest large sensor DSLR today, the DM40. Coming in at a memory card crushing 40 megapi

Mamiya announces two new DSLR cameras

<img src="" />Mamiya announced two new DSLR cameras today, the DM22 and DM28. Pushing the megapixel wall again, DM22 is 22 megapi

Mamiya announces two new lines of DSLRs

<img src="" />Mamiya, normally known for their large format cameras, just announced that they are going to be producing two new DSLR came

Mamiya's medium format digital: the 28-megapixel DL28

I feel safe in my conviction that I’ll never be using one of these Mamiya beasts, or its Leica, Leaf, or Hasselblad cousins. They’re just too… big. As medium-format digital photograp

Lensbabies 3G Medium Format

Not a hugely exciting bit of news, but Lensbabies just launched a medium format version of their Lensbaby 3G product. The new model is for Mamiya 645 and Pentax 67 cameras and costs $390. For those no