• Entrepreneur To Entrepreneur: The New Kitchen Of The Middle East (TCTV)

    It has been roughly one year since Yahoo! made waves in the Middle East, by buying Maktoob, the region’s largest web portal for $164 million. From Silicon Valley’s observation deck that may seem like small peanuts— these days we barely bat an eye when HP and Dell get into a multi-billion dollar tug-of-war game. However, for the Middle East and in particular Jordan, the… Read More

  • Confirmed: Yahoo Acquires Arab Internet Portal Maktoob

    Yahoo has just officially acquired Maktoob, a very popular Arabic web portal that offers services including search, payments, social network, and auctions. Rumors of an aquisition have been building for months, and in the last hour they reached a head as news of an impending press conference broke. The price hasn’t been announced, but our sources say $85 million. The… Read More

  • Yahoo May Have Acquired Arab Portal Maktoob (Updated)

    Breaking news from the other side of the world: Yahoo may well have acquired Maktoob, a leading Arab internet portal that encompasses a variety of services including search, Email, social network, and more. As reported on Arabcrunch (which is unaffiliated with TechCrunch), a press conference announcing the deal appears to be imminent. We’re still working to confirm the news, but there… Read More

  • A Map Of Social (Network) Dominance

    Even on the Web, world dominance must be achieved one country at a time. While Facebook has long been the largest social network in the world, and should soon pass MySpace in the U.S., it is not the largest social network in every country. The map above created by Vincenzo Cosenza resembles more a game of Risk, with Facebook sweeping across the globe from the West. Using Alexa and Google… Read More