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  • The Biggest Joystick

    Up Close With The Biggest Joystick In The World (That We Know Of)

    A member of the Udoo team, Michelangelo Guarise, was at the Maker Faire in New York this weekend with a special treat: something that appears to be one of the biggest working joysticks in the world. Built by the Udoo team, the massive stick and two Frisbee buttons allowed children of all ages to play emulated games on a little LCD screen connected to Guarise’s creation. Udoo, as… Read More

  • In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

    In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

    A life-size fire-breathing dragon. A fully robotic calliope band. A full-scale flight simulator built by teenagers. An entire herd of homemade R2-D2s. Electric cars, steampunk fashion, a robot petting zoo, a piano made of bananas, and a cardboard Trojan Horse. Plus a zillion different interactive attractions, classes, and events for kids of all ages. Yes, the Maker Faire is back in town, and… Read More

  • A Pair Of Social-Media-Powered Ford Fiestas To Tweet Their Way Across The Country

    Meet @AJtheFiesta. He’s about to embark on a cross-country road trip from the University of Michigan to Silicon Valley’s Maker Faire and is set to blog and tweet during the whole trip. But he’s not your average Twitter user. He’s a 2011 Ford Fiesta. Ford turned to U of M a year ago and started what the auto maker called American Journey 2.0. The goal, it seems, was to… Read More

  • The internet is a series of tubesteaks being cooked by a Tesla coil

    The Nevada Lightning Laboratory made these for Maker Faire, and smartly turned the terrifying viewing in to a picnic lunch by using the power of electricity to zap a couple hot dogs into delicious submission. They want to build a pair of these ten times bigger, inside which an observer could stand and measure whatever phenomena manifest in the middle of a lightning storm. Shocking.
    [via… Read More