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    TechCrunch Makers: Bonobos Headquarters Ramps Up For The Holidays

    When I first approached Bonobos for an episode of TC Makers I was convinced I’d be able to visit a huge warehouse at the edge of town where a gaggle of monkeys was sewing together travel jeans and hipster flannel. Instead, I was invited into a relatively small New York office where designers, web folks, and customer service representatives were working on selling clothing on the… Read More

  • In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

    In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

    A life-size fire-breathing dragon. A fully robotic calliope band. A full-scale flight simulator built by teenagers. An entire herd of homemade R2-D2s. Electric cars, steampunk fashion, a robot petting zoo, a piano made of bananas, and a cardboard Trojan Horse. Plus a zillion different interactive attractions, classes, and events for kids of all ages. Yes, the Maker Faire is back in town, and… Read More

  • The Binary Low Table Looks Like A Borg Starship

    Rather than throwing a bunch of toxic, sharp computer parts into the landfill, BRC designs did what any green design firm would do: make a coffee table. The frame of the table was made from the computer towers, bent to form the basic structure. From there, computer parts were placed one-by-one onto the structure until completely covered. Read More

  • For The Tinkerers: The 3X3X3 LED Cube Kit

    I just love the stuff from Makezine — tinkering and programming bring back such good memories. If you like tinkering with little electronic devices and programming patterns, it’s definitely worth checking out the site. And, they just released their new LED Cube kit, inspired by the 3D Borg cube from Das-Labor, so it’s a good time to buy. Read More

  • Insert smiley emoticons hands-free with Auto Smiley

    What would you do with the openFrameworks and an hour to kill? Would you create an application to detect when you’re smiling and automatically insert “:)” into whatever program is currently running? Theo Watson did, and called it Auto Smiley! :) He released it as open source! :) We can’t possibly have enough smiley icons embedded into our emails and IMs can we? :) I… Read More

  • The coolest clock you're going to see today: strobing LED hard drive digital clock

    Making clocks out of hard drives isn’t anything new. The hard drive platters make nice shiny backgrounds for your traditional analog clock, and provides just a little geek panache to an ordinary timepiece. This new strobing LED hard drive digital clock really takes things to the next level, though, as you can see in the video inside. Read More

  • DIY: It's a ring on a stick!

    So this doesn’t really serve any practical purpose, but it’s definitely cool. One of the frequent contributors to Make just created a captive ring demonstration using an aluminum rod and a lathe. Pretty neat stuff. [via Make] Read More

  • DIY: Build your own vacuum tube Tesla coil

    Who doesn’t want their own Tesla coil? Particularly if you can get one that isn’t incredibly dangerous or expensive to build. Well, this electrical savant built one in the 8th grade using vacuum tubes and a microwave oven transformer. Read More

  • Microfridge keeps a single can cold, looks like crazy science

    This is the kind of device I would think to find in the Delorean from Back to the Future. Christopher Lloyd would look all crazy-eyed at you and say something like “They weren’t counting on this little puppy!” “What is it, a tactical nuke?” I’d ask, ever thinking of Starship Troopers. “Even better,” he’d say, eyes crazier than ever… Read More

  • What's a mouse-a-sketch? I don't know, but it looks awesome

    MAKE calls it an XY table, and I can sort of work out what that means. It’s like a giant Etch-A-Sketch, but it doesn’t sketch or etch. It just kind of moves around on a… is that a skateboard? And why does the contraption sound like the beginning of that one Air song off of Premieres Symptomes? I must be dreaming. Get it together, man! Read More

  • Tiny coil gun powered by camera battery is cute 'n deadly

    It’s only deadly to paper, but hey. We here at CrunchGear love our coil guns. Tesla coil guns, Wiimote coil guns, robot coil guns, we’ll take ’em all. What can I say, it’s just good fun for the whole family! This one is for baby. Read More

  • The Story of the Littlest Drill

    Not much of a story, really. Once upon a time, a guy thought, “Couldn’t a ‘pager motor’ power a tiny drill?” And it could. The End. Read More

  • Video: Satanic Walkerbot will haunt your dreams

    Our buddy Phil Torrone at Make built one of these Walker Bots using a laser cutter and some servos. The sound it makes as it comes at you is truly creepy and you can be assured the robots will use this noise as a method to terrorize the populace as they begin their first assault. They may be small but those feet are very sharp and I blame Phil for encouraging the growth and evolution of… Read More

  • Transmutant: making stuff every 12 year old boy should love

    Take one part Junkyard Wars, add a smattering of Pimp My Ride, and toss in some Monty Python, Rube Goldberg, and a little steampunk gothic burlesque and you get Transmutant, “a collective of multi-skilled professional artists, performers, event organisers, sculptors, musicians and technicians who have joined forces to offer your event a whole sphere of services to take it beyond your… Read More

  • DIY cigar box amplifier

    Not much detail here, but some creative soul squeezed a Fender amp into an old cigar box. Although not entirely practical, it’s a fine example of a good way to re-use something you’d otherwise discard. Remember, re-use is better then recycling; and reduction in consumption is better than both. Read More

  • Cute, handmade iOwl cord manager

    Finally, a DIY project that seems fairly simple to do: take a piece of wood, cut several holes in it, and make it look like an owl. Then wrap your portable MP3 player earbuds around it. Isn’t it cute?! Read More

  • Can't afford a Puma? Try the Legway

    I made my feelings on the Puma known— to both our listeners on the weekly podcast. This alternative to the multi-thousand-dollar fantasy weirdo-cycle relies only on your own two feet. Kind of like walking, which would be cheaper, but less awesome. Read More

  • Video: Presenting the "transistor"

    It’s been a few years since we first heard of small devices that can amplify small signals called “tubes.” Interestingly, work on these tubes could now cease thanks to something called the “transistor,” a miniature version of the tube. This solid-state device accepts a small signal and amplifies it for use in music playback and, potentially, the Internet. This… Read More

  • DIY "Bristlebot" hijacked without credit by toymaker

    Some time ago, a fun little project was put up on MAKE: attach a vibrating motor to the head of a toothbrush, power it, and watch it zoom around. Fun, right? So much fun, in fact, that toy and book makers Klutz (with Scholastic) decided to make their own and market it under the same name, with no credit to its creator. Really, guys? Read More

  • Bike-powered rim shot for your cycling-related puns Check out this preview of the Make: television program coming in January to public television.¬†Paul Da Plumber from¬†Cyclecide has made a bicycle-powered rimshot from recycled materials. Now if only he would make that into an… Read More

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