Meet your new chief of staff: An AI chatbot

Navigator, the new project from the creators of Mailbox, launches with $12M

Mailbox founder Gentry Underwood on productivity, collective intelligence and building a $100M email app

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A Eulogy For Dead Standalone Apps

Session lengths started to be counted not in hours or even minutes, but in seconds. Software had to blend into our life, augmenting it rather than supplanting it. Speed and simplicity became the keys

Failing To Find Users, Dropbox Will Shut Down Mailbox In February 2016 And Carousel In March

Dropbox, the file hosting and cloud storage company with 400 million users, has been struggling to hold up its $10 billion valuation in the face of scrutiny from investors and observers, and now it

Mailbox Suffers Outage Due To ‘Unprecedented Demand’

When you consider yourself a pro at something, but it's mainly because you have a great tool to help you, what happens when that tool breaks? I got to find out this morning when Mailbox, my email clie

Mailbox Finally Brings Its Email Client To The Desktop, Adds Drafts And Syncing Between Devices

Mailbox, the ultra-awesome email client owned by Dropbox, is making its way onto the desktop. By doing so, it'll be coming full circle and providing a seamless user experience on all the devices you'd

The Return Of The Desktop Productivity App

For many users, the desktop productivity app probably never fully went away. Anyone who uses Microsoft Exchange for email or calendaring, or Microsoft Word as their word processor, can tell you that t

Dropbox Buys E-Commerce A/B Testing Service Predictive Edge, Shuts It Down

Dropbox has made another acquisition: Predictive Edge, a startup that had built a way to personalise e-commerce offerings, along with dynamic pricing, for marketers to send out to users and run A/B te

Mailbox Brings Latest Features To Its iOS App

Mailbox 2.0 for iOS is here and brings a hosts of enhancements and goodies. Chief among the additions is auto-swipe, a feature that <a href=""

Dropbox Launches Mailbox For Android With Auto-Swipe, Previews Mailbox For Desktop

A year after acquiring mobile-first email management iOS app Mailbox, today Dropbox launched Mailbox for Android, and previewed a beta version for desktop. It also showed off a new “Auto-swipe&#

BlinkMail Brings A Mailbox-Like Email Triage Experience To Mac Users

A new application called <a target="_blank" href="">BlinkMail</a>, launching into beta today, offers Mac users a different way to manage their email inbox from their desk

Dropbox Makes Mailbox More Service Agnostic With Support For Yahoo Mail And iCloud

Dropbox acquisition Mailbox has expanded from its single service roots with support for Yahoo Mail, iCloud, and accounts. Previously, the client supported only Gmail inboxes, making its

Ark Launches Rapportive-Meets-Mailbox Email App In Pivot To Marketing Intelligence

Need to do some homework on who you're emailing? You could search their name on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but on mobile that's a lot of taps, and it's hard to know if you've got the right John Sm

Mailbox’s Gentry Underwood Would Rather Move Slow And Get It Right

In an interview backstage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, <a target="_blank" href="">Mailbox founder Gentry Underwood</a> said that the company is activ

Evomail’s Gesture-Based Email App Arrives On Android

<a target="_blank" href="">Evomail</a>, one of the many newer startups trying to rethink the email inbox for mobil

Mailbox Adds Cloud Search For Gmail And Opens Links In Chrome

Dropbox-owned Mailbox has just added a couple of nice features, including the ability to search all of your Gmail messages in the cloud and locally on your device. Previously, you could only dig throu

No Mailbox? No Problem. Boomerang For Android Brings Gesture-Based Email Management To Gmail Users

<a target="_blank" href="">Baydin</a>, the startup behind a suite of productivity add-ons for Gmail, Outlook, and Google Calendar, is today bringing its inbox management solution

Two Months After Acquisition, Mailbox Launches Its Email Management App For The iPad

Sometimes, when a truly innovative startup is acquired by a larger company, innovation slows to a crawl. And other times, when an acquisition happens, a company gets the backup and investment it need

Gentry Underwood On How The Overnight Success Of Mailbox Came From Years Of Working On Orchestra

The quick adoption of Mailbox only came after the team behind it spent years developing and iterating on a productivity app called Orchestra. In a conversation backstage at Disrupt NY 2013 earlier thi

Tylr Mobile Launches An Email Inbox For Salespeople That Connects To

Tylr Mobile today announced WorkinBox, a new mobile email inbox for salespeople connected to WorkinBox matches incoming email with CRM data to help sales people prioritize and focus o
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