Mahalo Answers

  • Starts Answering Questions On Twitter

    Twitter has always been good for getting immediate answers to the most esoteric questions. Usually it is someone who is following you who supplies the answer, and those are always the best ones. But Q&A sites also want in on the supplying answers to people with questions on Twitter. One of the biggest Q&A sites on the Web,, now offers answers to anyone who Tweets a… Read More

  • Mahalo Answers Is Hijacking Twitter Questions From IMshopping

    Last week we wrote about a startup called IMshopping, which lets you ask questions to human shopping guides about products to buy. One of the ways you can do this is directly through Twitter by asking a question to @imshopping. I tried this earlier today by asking for Mother’s Day gift suggestions. Imagine my surprise when I started getting back answers not only from @imshopping, but… Read More

  • Jimmy Wales Quietly Launches Wikianswers

    Here’s a question for you. How many Q&A sites does the Web really need? Already, there is Yahoo Answers, WikiAnswers, Mahalo Answers, Linkedin Answers, ChaCha and dozens beyond. But Wikia (and Wikipedia) co-founder Jimmy Wales thinks there is room for one more. We learned from a tip that he has quietly launched Wikianswers, a Question & Answer site that attempts to create… Read More

  • Answerpedia: The Yahoo Product That Never Launched

    Yahoo Answers is three years old this week, and it is the fifth most popular property within Yahoo after the homepage, search, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Shopping. (See the table below). According to Quantcast, it attracts 24 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S. ComScore puts the number a bit higher at 33 million monthly U.S. visitors, and 154 million worldwide. It’s a pageview… Read More