On painful Apple rumors

Several photos have surfaced showing what is supposed to be the next iPhone and MacBook Pro over the last few days. These leaked photos themselves are not surprising. Apple spy photos are big business

Apple Patent Describes Power And Data Over A MagSafe Adapter

<img src="">As the headline states, a recent Apple patent shows a system where data and power share a MagSafe adapter. I

Hypermac Will Stop Selling Its Charging Cables

<img src="" />Remember when Apple <a href="

DIY: Make your own MagSafe connector

<img src="">Apple's <a href="">MagSafe</a> connector is nifty. It's held on by magnets so it

Class action lawsuit targets faulty Apple MagSafe power adapter

<img src="" />Fire hazard, smire hazard. A class action lawsuit accuses Apple of negligence vis-à-vis the MacSafe power adapter. The su

MagStay Pro makes your MagSafe stay Magged

[photopress:MagStaySmall.jpg,full,center] I like a company that says “not everyone’s going to need or even understand our product” and is up-front about it, especially if it’s

MacBook Pro battery adapter crap out on you?

What’s that smell? Oh yeah, that’s just someone’s MagSafe adapter burning up on their MacBook Pro, but don’t worry Apple has pulled the 85W power supplies from retail stores. But fear not. App

Replug saves your headphones, stereo equipment from certain death

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device for headphones that acted like Apple’s MagSafe technology? You could just dance around for hours, not worrying about ripping your stereo system o