• On painful Apple rumors

    On painful Apple rumors

    Several photos have surfaced showing what is supposed to be the next iPhone and MacBook Pro over the last few days. These leaked photos themselves are not surprising. Apple spy photos are big business and a staple in tech journalism. But if these photos are to be believed, radical changes are about to hit two of Apple’s flagship products. And it’s about damn time. The iPhone shots… Read More

  • Apple Patent Describes Power And Data Over A MagSafe Adapter

    As the headline states, a recent Apple patent shows a system where data and power share a MagSafe adapter. It would look and magnetically connect just like the current MagSafe, but two cables would exit the adapter with a a fiber optic line for data and the standard power cord. Internally there would be an additional “pin” for the fiber line. Apple notes in the filing that… Read More

  • Hypermac Will Stop Selling Its Charging Cables

    Remember when Apple filed suit against Hypermac for infringing on their MagSafe and iPod chargin cables? For those who don’t know, Hypermac’s battery solutions provide extra battery life for Apple products by connecting a big battery, via a MagSafe, to the Macbook and Macbook Pro or to an i-Device via the dock connector. Read More

  • DIY: Make your own MagSafe connector

    Apple’s MagSafe connector is nifty. It’s held on by magnets so it’s a lot harder to ruin both the connector and notebook if the power cord gets jerked-out unexpectedly. We dug up a DIY guide on how to convert your PC’s non-MagSafe adaptor into an ugly, but still working, clone. Read More

  • Class action lawsuit targets faulty Apple MagSafe power adapter

    Fire hazard, smire hazard. A class action lawsuit accuses Apple of negligence vis-à-vis the MacSafe power adapter. The suit, filed in San Jose, says that faulty MasSafe design can lead frayed wires and general calamity, which can cause fires. Read More

  • MagStay Pro makes your MagSafe stay Magged

    [photopress:MagStaySmall.jpg,full,center] I like a company that says “not everyone’s going to need or even understand our product” and is up-front about it, especially if it’s a product I really don’t get. The MagStay Pro is just such a product. I think the MagSafe power adapters Apple built into its portables is just great, but some people apparently find… Read More

  • MacBook Pro battery adapter crap out on you?

    What’s that smell? Oh yeah, that’s just someone’s MagSafe adapter burning up on their MacBook Pro, but don’t worry Apple has pulled the 85W power supplies from retail stores. But fear not. Apple is working vigorously to rectify the situation. A freshly redesigned adapter is in the works and should be coming soon. The Apple Store indicates that MagSafe adapters are 2 to… Read More

  • Replug saves your headphones, stereo equipment from certain death

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device for headphones that acted like Apple’s MagSafe technology? You could just dance around for hours, not worrying about ripping your stereo system out of the wall. Thanks to a company called Replug, you can now do just that. You basically plug your headphones into the Replug device then connect the device as a “middleman” to… Read More