• Review: Yubz MAGNUM Bluetooth speaker

    Bluetooth is one of those funny technologies that has an awful lot of potential, but with very few actually useful implementations. Bluetooth headsets are no longer cool. Bluetooth mice and keyboards are quickly becoming the de facto devices for this technology. What else is there? Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that the YUBZ MAGNUM is nearly perfect Bluetooth gadget. Read More

  • HTC Magnum: Well played, Portugal. Well played.

    Remember that post about the HTC Magnum yesterday? The giant tablet phone thingy with a 30-hour battery? It’s fake. Can you believe it?! Portuguese jokesters over at had apparently mocked up the giant blob of technology as “a small prank to a regional community [that got] extrapolated to international sites as a ‘real’ piece of news.” Sorry to be… Read More

  • HTC's Magnum shows up on video, confounding one and all

    HTC is out to show us that Windows Mobile isn’t just for mobile phones with the new Magnum tablet. It’s not a smartphone, and not a regular tablet PC. No, the Magnum is a giant tablet thing, we’re not even sure what to call it yet. But it’s something with a touchscreen, and 80GB HD, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, boasting a 30-hour battery. This whole thing… Read More